Testimonials can be illuminating, informing us about what to expect from our destination.

At Villa Sumaya, we listen to our guests’ feedback, taking an active interest in improving our facilities, food service, ambiance and hospitality. We hMerav group shot on dockope that these testimonials from fellow travelers will bring clarity and inspiration to your decision to visit us. Check out our Trip Advisor page for more.

“Thank you for the blessing of Villa Sumaya, for the integrity with which you hold space for many traditions and the pure white light that emanates here.” ~ Velma M.

“Thank you so much for a dream come true — quite literally, on so many levels. This experience will live forever in the new space of light and love in my heart.” ~ Deanna F.

“I have never felt the power of Nature and Her healing qualities as much as I did when teaching and practicing at Villa Sumaya. The land is sacred and magically healing. The staff is amazingly helpful, meeting every need with a positive attitude. We loved the food, the rooms, and all the services that were provided. I will certainly be returning to teach and grow in this wonderful environment! Thank you for being so unique and special!” – Jeanne Heileman

“Villa Sumaya is magical. They have managed to capture the beauty of the lake and surroundings in their gardens and architecture, providing a wonderful space to relax and recharge. The food is yummy and the staff are sweet and supportive, going out of their way to make your stay amazing. The rooms are comfortable and feel like home. 
The yoga room has a panoramic view of the lake and volcanoes that is breathtaking. I highly recommend visiting Villa Sumaya; it is truly a special place to experience.” – Akasha Ellis

“Every winter since 2006, Villa Sumaya has enfolded our groups of creative writers & yoginis in her beautiful arms. She has made sure we ate the most nourishing and delicious food, slept in divinely comfortable beds in rooms designed to delight the eye and soothe the body, and practice our crafts of writing and yoga in the most heavenly possible spaces. If this makes Villa Sumaya sound like the Queen Mother of Paradise, it’s perfectly true–thanks to the artistry and wisdom of founder, Wendy Stauffer, the sure guidance of manager, Lizzy Gerson, and the dedicated, enormously hardworking cooks, housekeepers, gardeners, front desk and maintenance staff. Gracias y amor a todos por todo!” – Patricia Lee Lewis


“The most wonderful, relaxing environment that restores your peace and helps you appreciate life. You’ll meet wonderful people and achieve a sense of calm not possible anywhere else.” -Claudia

Ashley's group“My time at Villa Sumaya was the highlight of my trip to Guatemala. Although it was not my first time traveling alone, I never have felt more welcomed by staff and guests. When I feel my patience fading during times of stress, now I close my eyes, picture Villa Sumaya, and remember all that I learned while I was there.” -Angela Wisely

“Villa Sumaya was an awesome experience. I have a traveling spirit, and this retreat location had a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. At Villa Sumaya, you can make your retreat exactly what you want, you just get the added benefit of great people, great yoga, great food, and great scenery! It’s a place for beginners and experienced alike.  This was my first yoga trip! Whether on a personal journey, a spiritual journey, or a journey with a group, you will leave with some peace of mind and great set of new friends if your heart is open to it!”  -Kelly Berrall

“Villa Sumaya is one of those few places that you can go and finally let go of trying to get more of what you don’t need.  It is in this oasis of calm that I find I can use all the surrendered energy  to make a difference with what I do have and with what I am.  I find that there is a moment when I can just get a glimpse of Lake Atitlan that I start to get really excited, joyful, like a little kid! The whole time there is an experience that you’ll never forget or regret.” -Karen Keresturi

“The experience more than exceeded my expectations. The personal attention from the instructors was outstanding and way beyond exemplary. The spa healers were absolutely wonderful.  The food and ambiance delicious.  I truly felt I had discovered Shangri-la!”  -Margie

“Experiencing the ancient healing power of the Land of Guatemala and Lake Atitlan, within the loving container of Villa Sumaya was transformative. Wendy has such a refined taste and created beauty all around for us to enjoy. Comfortable space to rest and to feel the spirit while nurturing the senses. Wonderful services, staff and treatments. A gem to add in the heart of your spiritual journeys.” – Nubia Teixeira and Jai Uttal

Yogacalm group photo“Villa Sumaya is both a sensual delight and a place for real work; a supportive environment where your inner work is held in a space of incomparable natural beauty. Remarkable!”  -Dave Adair

“This was a purely magical week.  The space here is truly mystical and utterly beautiful.  I had an absolutely exquisite time.  I want to take this opportunity to RAVE about the staff – everyone was so kind, so friendly, good souls, really good-hearted people who made me feel at home.”

Much gratitude to all our esteemed guests for their kind testimonials. We hope to share our paradise with you again someday soon!

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