Skyline Bungalow 20, our “Writers’ Roost,” is located a 5-10 minute hike (up 112 stairs) above the courtyard; perched on the top corner of the Villa Sumaya property. This private room can accommodate 1-2 people. Features:

  • queen bed with an antique carved headboard
  • an outstanding view of the lake
  • large white wicker writing desk that calls you to the task at hand.
  • enchanting artwork and a beautiful Turkish hanging
  • cozy patio with a loveseat perfect for two
  • private bathroom with electric hot running water in the sink and shower
  • private hammock in the gorgeous tropical garden

This would not be a good choice if you have mobility issues or are traveling with young children.

Room dimensions (in square feet)
Bedroom/Studio: 194
Bathroom: 45
Patio: 117