Yoga, Meditation at a Santa Cruz Retreat Center

A Time for Self Directed Practice: Let Love Dissolve You

Laurie at Altar smaller file sizeDrawing upon the inspirational theme of the classic monsoon retreats of India and Thailand, when monks and laymen alike typically congregated to practice meditation, we offer September and October each year for serious practitioners to come and focus on personal practice.

Exploring this ancient restorative wisdom practice, Rains Retreat at Sumaya offers a silent spiritual refuge that nurtures personal, self directed, contemplative practice, for experienced yogis, writers, and meditators. Our intention is to promote an intensive self-retreat atmosphere that fosters inner peace, compassion and personal insight, where one may unwind and rejuvenate in silent simplicity away from the demands of modern life.

Deep meditation opens us to new possibilities beyond habitual views and encumbered fixations where greater awareness and dynamic transformation are seeded. Intimately investigating our deepest truth, beyond the conditioning of the rational mind, invites us to rest in the spontaneous flow of fresh, unexplored territory. Embracing our interconnectedness with all living beings awakens our natural appreciation for gratitude in everyday life. The resultant cultivation of loving kindness expands our hearts, energizing the radiant power of divine truth as co-creation with sacred silence unfolds within us.

We offer the majesty of our lake front nature sanctuary, our two inspiring temple spaces and our lovely private or double occupancy accommodations. Additionally we provide ongoing tea service, drinking water three simple, wholesome meals a day, and housekeeping services weekly. In order to share this open rains retreat with a larger audience we have significantly reduced our pricing structure.


7-10 day retreats

Double occupancy $60 a day per person  Single Occupancy $70 a day

11-20 day retreats

Double occupancy $55 a day per person  Single Occupancy $65 a day

21-25 day retreats

Double occupancy $47 a day per person     Single Occupancy $60 a day

Minimum 7 day retreat stay required – Open to experienced practitioners

Contact – [email protected] for more information and a registration kit.

May all beings benefit!