Upcoming Group Retreats

The Yoga People – Mandala Vinyasa, Yin Yoga & the Elements
Sep 1 – Sep 10 all-day


A journey into the Mandala Vinyasa Classes Laboratory, learn to move 360 degrees around our mats, breathing and flowing through poses, inversions and introspection having each day a particular Element as our intention.

Certification: 30 hours Certification by The Yoga People / Yoga Alliance
Applies to The Yoga People 500 Hour Teacher Training Program – Yoga Alliance
Teachers: Dulce Aguilar & Jamie Clarke
Dates: 1st – 4th September 2018
Venue: Villa Sumaya | Santa Cruz la Laguna, Atitlan, Guatemala


Regular price $480 USD
EARLY BIRD $380 USD by securing your place before 01/June/2018

Cost does not include accommodation and meals. To secure your place a $250 USD registration fee is required; this is part of the tuition cost. Full payment is required 1 month before the course begins.

What’s included

  • Tuition
  • Materials
  • Yoga Alliance Certification


Join us on a 4-day intensive honoring Nature and the role that it plays inside of us. We will explore the introspective practice of Yin Yoga on a journey through the elements and the group of muscles that help us activate them.

Certification: 30 hours Certification by The Yoga People / Yoga Alliance
Applies to The Yoga People 500 Hour Teacher Training Program – Yoga Alliance
Teachers: Jamie Clarke (Magnetic Eagle) & Dulce Aguilar
Dates: 6th – 9th September 2018
Venue: Villa Sumaya | Santa Cruz la Laguna, Atitlan, Guatemala


Regular price $480 USD
EARLY BIRD $380 USD by securing your place before 01/June/2018
To secure your place a $250 USD registration fee is required; this is part of the tuition cost. Full payment is required 1 month before the course begins.

Cost does not include accommodation and meals.

What’s included

  • Tuition
  • Materials
  • Yoga Alliance Certification

For more information, please visit http://theyogapeople.com/yoga-teacher-training-guatemala/

About the teachers: The Yoga People

Dulce Aguilar






Jamie Clarke


Deb Kern ~ Sacred Women’s Retreat 1
Oct 21 – Oct 27 all-day

The time is now…

This is a call for every woman to love, honor and express her true self.


Join Dr. Deb Kern for this sacred pilgrimage to a magical, Mayan retreat center on Lake Atitlán in Guatemala where you’ll be soothed by the tranquility of the water, held by the strength of the volcano, enticed by the sweetness of the flowers, and awakened by the wildness of the jungle.


Lake Atitlan, the deepest lake in Central America, is often called the belly button of the Earth. It is here, held by the energies of the Divine Feminine, that you’ll journey back to your true essence through dance, yoga, meditation, journaling, quiet time, nourishing food, sacred ceremony and supportive sisterhood.

The world needs you to shine your light as the person you were born to be.

This retreat will help you:

* Remember your true nature

* Rediscover your unique gifts

* Reclaim comfort, ease and grace in your body

* Release the past in order to create the life you desire

You’ll feel like yourself again.

Free from self-limiting ideas of what you ‘should’ be doing and who you ‘should be,’ you’ll be filled with energy and clarity to create the life you desire.


About the leader:

Deb Kern, Ph.D. is a teacher of vision, a sought-after intuitive guide, health scientist, author and speaker. She has studied with medicine women in Costa Rica, shamans in Bali, and Ayurvedic masters from India to California. A former nurse, health educator, and scientist, Deb conducted a groundbreaking study proving that mind/body integrated approaches to exercise were more effective at reducing anxiety than conventional approaches to exercise. Deb is also a yoga therapist, NIA black belt teacher, and creatrix of PranaShakti–a mind/body movement form.



My friend and colleague Dr. Deborah Kern, who I would trust with my LIFE, is giving a rare opportunity for women. I can’t even begin to express how heavenly and empowering Deb’s work is. If you are so moved, sign up NOW while there is still some space.

~Christiane Northrup, M.D., ob/gyn physician and author of the New York Times bestsellers: Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and The Wisdom of Menopause

Within a safe, supportive environment, an Intensive with Deb Kern engages the mind, opens the heart, awakens the body, and touches the soul. Like Dr. Deb herself, it encourages us to recognize and honor the sacred within.

~Shannon Kring Bruset

What an amazing experience! The way she crafts her class is so insightful. It’s like she has some secret pathway to see inside your heart and life and then gives you exactly what you need!! I left her class feeling exhausted yet energized – and closer to God and myself.

~ Jill Bates, Tulum participant


Deb Kern ~ Sacred Women’s Retreat 2
Oct 28 – Nov 3 all-day

The time is now…

This is a call for every woman to love, honor and express her true self.


Join Dr. Deb Kern for this sacred pilgrimage to a magical, Mayan retreat center on Lake Atitlán in Guatemala where you’ll be soothed by the tranquility of the water, held by the strength of the volcano, enticed by the sweetness of the flowers, and awakened by the wildness of the jungle.


Lake Atitlan, the deepest lake in Central America, is often called the belly button of the Earth. It is here, held by the energies of the Divine Feminine, that you’ll journey back to your true essence through dance, yoga, meditation, journaling, quiet time, nourishing food, sacred ceremony and supportive sisterhood.

The world needs you to shine your light as the person you were born to be.

This retreat will help you:

* Remember your true nature

* Rediscover your unique gifts

* Reclaim comfort, ease and grace in your body

* Release the past in order to create the life you desire

You’ll feel like yourself again.

Free from self-limiting ideas of what you ‘should’ be doing and who you ‘should be,’ you’ll be filled with energy and clarity to create the life you desire.


About the leader:

Deb Kern, Ph.D. is a teacher of vision, a sought-after intuitive guide, health scientist, author and speaker. She has studied with medicine women in Costa Rica, shamans in Bali, and Ayurvedic masters from India to California. A former nurse, health educator, and scientist, Deb conducted a groundbreaking study proving that mind/body integrated approaches to exercise were more effective at reducing anxiety than conventional approaches to exercise. Deb is also a yoga therapist, NIA black belt teacher, and creatrix of PranaShakti–a mind/body movement form.



My friend and colleague Dr. Deborah Kern, who I would trust with my LIFE, is giving a rare opportunity for women. I can’t even begin to express how heavenly and empowering Deb’s work is. If you are so moved, sign up NOW while there is still some space.

~Christiane Northrup, M.D., ob/gyn physician and author of the New York Times bestsellers: Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and The Wisdom of Menopause

Within a safe, supportive environment, an Intensive with Deb Kern engages the mind, opens the heart, awakens the body, and touches the soul. Like Dr. Deb herself, it encourages us to recognize and honor the sacred within.

~Shannon Kring Bruset

What an amazing experience! The way she crafts her class is so insightful. It’s like she has some secret pathway to see inside your heart and life and then gives you exactly what you need!! I left her class feeling exhausted yet energized – and closer to God and myself.

~ Jill Bates, Tulum participant


Angel Lucia – Sacred Spirit Yoga & Meditation Retreat
Nov 3 – Nov 10 all-day

Join us on the sacred shores of Lake Atitlán and be immersed in the healing practices of yoga, meditation and Mayan ritual + ceremony for a week of deep rejuvenation and profound transformation!

Lake Atitlán is believed by the Maya to be the center of the universe; the place where God’s seeds of mankind evolved. They also believed that this majestic lake represents the belly button or manipura chakra of the Earth. In human beings the manipura chakra is located at the solar plexus. In both cases, the location on the earth and the place in the body are characterized by the element of fire which governs all processes of transformation. Cradled in the embrace of 3 majestic volcanoes, Lake Atitlán holds the potential for profound metamorphosis of mind, body and spirit. Here, you’ll be supported in finding a deeper connection to the heart of the Earth, and therefore, your own heart, which will allow the song of your soul to be clearly heard and wholeheartedly celebrated. We invite you to sink in, relax and reconnect in a sacred and inspiring setting that fosters complete rejuvenation and a genuine sense of inner peace.

Our flow for the week

We’ll begin our journey together by diving into spiritual alchemy as we move and breathe to create an interrelationship between mind and matter, between self and world.

Spiritual alchemy is concerned with freeing your spiritual self which is trapped within you by the unrefined parts of yourself (e.g. your fears, personal beliefs, etc.).

We will be guided by and aligned with the pace of nature and inspired by Mayan healing traditions as we seek to achieve a state of balance, renewal, and freedom.

In between gathering for yoga, meals or ceremony, there will be ample opportunities to take a dip in the lake or pool, soak in the hot tub, detox in the sauna, rejuvenate with a massage, lounge in a hammock or unwind in the many beautiful spaces dedicated to reflection and relaxation. One need never leave the property unless an optional excursion suits your fancy. If you wish to explore outside the retreat grounds, many choices abound, from visiting a local village, to kayaking and bird-watching, hiking volcanoes, ziplining or taking Spanish lessons. Our Concierge will be happy to assist you in scheduling tours and activities.

* All classes and activities are optional. Our program is designed to meet you where you’re at. We encourage you to participate in a way that best suits your body, mind and spirit.


In the Sanskrit language, the word Sumaya means “long awaited dream come true,” and indeed, Villa Sumaya is the stuff dreams are made of. Nestled into a secluded lakefront cove on the stunningly beautiful shores of Lake Atitlán, Villa Sumaya rests upon 18 acres of sacred Mayan highlands and boasts panoramic views of a trio of spectacular volcanoes. The semi-tropical climate, lush and exotic vegetation and azure waters combine with the grandeur of the volcanoes to set the stage for what visitors describe as a true paradise. It’s an inspiring atmosphere in which the primordial power of nature allows you to let go of your cares, take a deep breath, and embrace the possibility of personal evolution. To add even more interest to this already dramatic landscape, there are twelve villages surrounding the lake, each with it’s own distinctive style, culture and traditions just waiting to be discovered. The beauty and magic of this very special place has sparked the imagination of many, so it comes as no surprise that it’s been featured in Yoga Journal magazine and Taschen’s quintessential book “Great Yoga Retreats.”

Within the grounds of Villa Sumaya, you’ll find everything you need for a supremely comfortable, convenient and relaxing stay, including well-appointed guest rooms, all with en-suite bathrooms and gorgeous lake views. The views from the the glassed-in dining room and open-air terrace are just as dazzling and take the retreat dining experience to new heights. A well curated, on-site boutique features an eclectic array of fair-trade handicrafts, apparel, accessories and other treasures made by Guatemalan artisans- perfect for finding just the right mementos and gifts for yourself and your loved ones. If you wish to pamper yourself, Villa Sumaya offers wide variety of world class spa services, including massage (Swedish, Thai, Ayurvedic, Esalen and deep tissue), reiki, reflexology, facials, nail services and ionic foot baths. For a detoxifying sweat, the wood-burning sauna can be reserved for a small charge.

Yoga & Meditation

We’ll gather for classes in the gorgeous Tara Temple which is located on the top of the Lotus House. The yoga sanctuary’s eclectic décor, breathtaking views, thatched roof, elegant altar and a state-of-the-art sound system combine to create a beautiful space in which to explore and expand mind, body and spirit. All props needed to support your practice are supplied.

Cacao Ceremony

Xicoy, the Cacao Spirit, is one of the most playful spiritual guides in ancient Mayan cosmology. A traditional Mayan plant medicine, cacao induces an expansive, mood enhancing quality. It is used to uplift the spirit, open the heart, deepen focus, remove blockages and enhance awareness. Gathering in a sacred circle of celebration, we’ll partake in the ritual sharing of a cacao elixir- an experience that promotes a meditative, reflective state and inspires a profound sense of joy and heartfelt gratitude.

Mayan Day-Count Fire Ceremony

In the traditional Mayan day-count fire ceremony, beautiful offerings are created and consumed, invoking connectivity with source consciousness while prompting us to leave behind our conditioned concept of self and fueling the fire of our sacred life purpose. Resting in the stillness of the fire’s glow, we’re invited to lighten our load and soothe the scars resultant of life’s challenges, cultivating awareness and acceptance of the role we’ve played in the grand scheme of things.

Dining & Cuisine

Meals at Villa Sumaya are lovingly prepared at Café Sumaya Sol and offer a culinary-conscious menu for slow food aficionados and eco-epicureans. A vegetarian-based, eclectic blend of local and international cuisine is created fresh daily from Guatemala’s cornucopia of fruit and vegetables. Breakfast includes a main dish, granola, yogurt, fruit and daily specials. Lunch features a hearty vegetarian main course, organic greens, homemade bread and a local fruit platter. Dinners consist of soup, a vegetarian entrée, seasonal side dishes, organic greens and a scrumptious dessert. Chicken and fish are also available at a small additional cost. All meals are enjoyed while taking in stunning views of the lake.

The Café Sumaya Sol kitchen specializes in raw homemade treats, including cacao bliss balls, fruit rolls, granola bars and savory sprouted flax crackers. Try the delicious, homemade cranberry biscotti or selection of hand-crafted chocolate confections. Baked goods are produced daily and the juice bar features exotic smoothies as well as a refreshing, home-brewed strawberry ginger kombucha. There’s also an extensive self-service hot beverage bar that offers over 30 varieties of tea along with a coffee bar featuring organic, artisan coffee from a local cooperative.

Included In Your Package

  • 7 nights / 8 days en suite accommodation with lake views and patio seating
  • 3 vibrant, prana-packed, vegetarian meals per day + unlimited coffee/tea/filtered water service
  • Daily yoga and meditation
  • 2 Sacred Mayan ceremonies
  • Full use of retreat grounds and complimentary amenities
  • All taxes

Additional Cost for Spa Services, Wifi ($3/day – $20/week), and Meat with Meals ($7 per meal)
Travel to Site is NOT Included (e.g., flight, transportation on mainland, food during travel)

Rooms + Pricing & Registration

All rooms are beautifully appointed with warm, inviting décor, Guatemalan antiques, private baths, outdoor patios, amazing views of the lake and volcanoes, orthopedic beds and high-quality linens.

Lotus House hosts six rooms with two rooms on each of the three floors, all gracefully appointed rooms with private baths and stone showers that offer stunning lake view balconies or glorious garden patios. Tara Temple is on the top floor. Lotus House is easily accessible to all of Villa Sumaya’s amenities.

Single Occupancy: $2,395

Double Occupancy: $1,795 per person

Triple Occupancy: $1,595 per person

To secure your room on retreat, please register with a $250 non refundable deposit by emailing binduyogastudio@gmail.com or angelluciayoga@gmail.com. For more information, please visit  www.bindu-studio.com or www.angelluciayoga.com.

Retreat Guide

Angelina Lucia

ERYT500, RYS200, YACEP, LMT, CHHC Owner and Director of Bindu Yoga Studio, experienced registered yoga teacher, Thai Yoga Therapist, body-worker, teacher trainer, retreat leader, Holistic Health Counselor and long time practitioner of meditation. Teaching yoga and guiding students deeper into their own mysteries for the past 20 + years has been a gift! I’ve had the honor and privilege to teach yoga in a youth runaway shelters, homeless shelters, underprivileged communities, and persons recovering from addiction, to prominent athletes, political figures, and many high profile clients from the music industry to film celebrities. Teaching to such diverse groups of people has given me great understanding in basic emotional, psychological, and physical human needs and the ability to work with all walks of life whether in group settings or privately. With the many years of experience and varying clientele I have developed a broad approach to working within each individuals unique needs and desire for their practice. I look forward to meeting you!

Kim & Rod – A Journey to the Heart
Nov 3 – Nov 10 all-day

“The greatest journey a man can take is the eighteen inches from his head to his heart.” –Andrew Bennett

Embark on a sacred pilgrimage to the mystical shores of Lago Atitlan, Guatemala. Join Rod Hairston and Kim Goyette for a week-long, fully integrative “Journey to the Heart”.

Lago Atitlán is a truly magical and magnetic place, believed by the Mayan culture to represent the belly button of the Earth. Cradled in the embrace of three volcanoes, the lago is a powerful space to heal and balance our mind, body and heart.

Through engaging self-discovery workshops, yoga, meditation, chanting, ritual, ceremony and dance, awaken a deep connection to the heart of the Earth, the heart of your Spirit and the heart of your Mind.

What’s included

7 nights / 8 days private or shared accommodation with lake views and patio seating.

3 amazing vegetarian based meals per day including one meal with chicken/fish per day.

Unlimited coffee/tea/filtered water service.

Twice daily yoga and meditation sessions (10-classes).

Workshops – You will be guided through five transformative workshops to awaken the wisdom of the heart and unleash the continuous connection with the body, mind and spirit. In a principle-based, holistic way, you will develop heart practices that you can use in any and every aspect of your life.

Cacao Ceremony – Journey home to your heart with Xicoy, the Cacao Spirit, one of the most playful spiritual guides in ancient Mayan cosmology. The Mayans have used Cacao in ceremony for thousands of years to connect with their hearts. This Cacao Ceremony is steeped in ritual and reflective heart circle meditation. Be warned: your heart will expand beyond your imagination leading to pure bliss, laughter, joy, allowing for more of who you are to shine. There will be a post ceremony dance circle to follow.

Fire Ceremony – A Mayan spiritual guide will share a traditional Mayan Day Count Fire Ceremony to help you release anything that is holding you back from radiating your divine self. This experience includes the building of a fire in the age old Mayan tradition using herbs, chocolate, colored candles, cinnamon, myrrh and copal.

Chichimeca Traditional Purification Ceremony – Join us for a traditional Chichimeca style purification ceremony. This offering includes ritualized practices and heart-centered connection with Great Spirit. You’ll share sacred songs to open the heart while plant spirits and specially prepared herbal tea help clear and lift the emotional body. This revitalizing sauna circle will leave you feeling inspired and rejuvenated.

Yogic Sacred Trance Dance – In every culture from the beginning of time, our ancestors have used dance to connect with nature, connect with themselves and call on the support from energies around them to bring wisdom, prosperity, health and good fortune into their lives. Through music and movement, yogic trance dance provides the perfect conditions to go deeper into ourselves and experience our limitless power.

Concierge service to assist with organizing all your transportation, spa services, cultural outings, early arrival and/or extended stays.

All taxes


Airfare to Guatemala City (airport code GUA)
Spa Services at Harmony Space Spa available onsite
Excursions and Side Trips
Alcoholic Beverages
Wifi access available at a minimum charge of $3/day or $20/week (or free access from the lobby using the Villa computers)
Boat Shuttle across the lake to Villa Sumaya
Staff gratuities

Pricing & registration:

Triple Occupancy: — perfect for friends traveling together or solo females. $1,700 (includes tax)

Double Occupancy: — perfect for friends or couples traveling together. $1,900 (includes tax)

Single Occupancy: – great for solo travelers and those wishing for more privacy. $2,300 (includes tax)

* All prices are per person. Rooms are reserved on a first come, first served basis. All prices are in USD. A non-refundable, but transferable deposit of $500 by July 31, 2018 will secure your spot. Final balance is due 3 months prior to the retreat. The group is intimate. Space is limited to 12-rooms up to 26-people maximum. Advanced registration is required.

Payment plans are available upon request. Your deposit plus four equal monthly payments can be set up as needed. Final payment is due by August 3, 2018.


Please click on the link for retreat details and to register today!

Contact Kim Goyette at meditationmutha@gmail.com


About the teachers:

Rod Hairston is one of the fastest growing authorities in America in the area of human potential. As a dynamic speaker, coach and author, he has helped over 500,000 people transform their behavior and realize outstanding, long lasting results through Growth U programs and other arenas. Rod’s passion for developing and coaching has inspired training and integration programs that impact individuals world-wide. His highly acclaimed book, Are You Up For the Challenge? Six Steps to Lasting Change, Starting Now…Not Someday, is helping thousands of people realize results in all areas of their life. He is an avid believer that: “The life you have, you’ve created – with your thinking and emotions.” One of his sayings is: “What’s hard to do in the beginning is easy to live with in the end.” And he believes that a person should be most concerned with the habits they create for their life.


Kim Goyette is a yogini, mother and lover of life. As an international teacher and student of yoga and co-owner of Fitness 4 Mind and Body, Kim empowers her students to have wellness of mind, body and spirit. She believes everyone comes from a place of wholeness and encourages students to have acceptance, compassion and loving-kindness toward themselves and others. Kim supports an integrated experience by guiding asana from the foundation of breath incorporating practices of pranayama, mantra, mudra, meditation, and personal ritual. Kim enjoys teaching Hatha, Hatha Flow and Yin yoga, where students have the opportunity to venture deeper into the mind-body connection. She provides individual adaptations for postures to ensure practicing yoga is accessible and safe for all whom she teaches. Kim believes students should walk away from a yoga class feeling nourished and rejuvenated. Her classes focus on the individual needs of each student, as she nurtures their development and personal growth.

Amanda & Paria – Yoga Adventures in Guatemala
Nov 10 – Nov 17 all-day

Join Amanda Negrette and Paria Mirazimi on a peaceful getaway to Villa Sumaya. A weeklong yoga retreat located on one of the worlds most beautiful lakes, Lake Atitlan, where you will dive deeply into the refreshing, natural beauty of this majestic landscape.

Take time on this retreat to find a deeper connection to your hearts song and rejuvenate your sense of wellbeing. Explore your roots and your true beauty through the practice of yoga twice a day, meditation, journaling and holistic vegetarian diet. Villa Sumaya is the perfect environment to support you in enhancing a holistic practice that is healing. There will also be lots of time to explore the beauty that surrounds you as Villa Sumaya is perfectly located on the shores of Lake Atitlan.

Accommodations and Costs

Single Occupancy $1840 USD
Double Occupancy $1525 USD
Triple Occupancy $1420 USD

A $600 deposit is required at time of booking to reserve your spot and is non-refundable.
Final payment is required by September 1st 2018.

For further inquiries or to book please contact: jcollins@travelonly.com

What’s Included

  • 7 days, 7 nights accommodation at Villa Sumaya, Guatemala
  • 3 delicious vegetarian meals daily
  • Airport transfer to and from Guatemala City Airport
  • 2 yoga classes daily taught by Amanda and Paria
  • Coffee, tea and snacks throughout the day
  • San Pedro Volcano hike
  • Walking tours
  • Bird watching tours
  • Kayak rentals

*Airfare NOT included*
Tours and Activities (NOT included)
Spa Treatments (1hr $75 USD – 1.5hr $100 USD – 2hr $130 USD)

About the Teachers


Amanda took her first Moksha Yoga class back in 2009 and was hooked from day one. When she decide to do the teacher training in Montreal 2011, she had no idea how much it would change her life. Amanda continues to be inspired each and every day by fellow teachers but as well as the dedication of the students from each studio she teaches at. Since her training in 2011, she has continued to dedicate herself to learning. She has completed her Moksha Advanced training in 2012 and Moksha Flow in 2013. She is also trained in Acro Yoga, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, pre/post natal and Aerial Yoga. When Amanda is not teaching/practicing, she enjoys other types of physical activity such at Aerial circus arts, hula hoop dance and pole fitness. Travelling the world is also one of Amanda’s biggest passions

“Yoga is a way of life. It is about being your truest self in all situations. it has helped me to find myself and where i belong. Yoga is a personal journey which allows you to become aware of the things that are important to you. Through my practice i have discovered more about myself and my body and about my place in this world. It has taught me, and continues to teach me, how to let go of the things that I cannot control as well as the things that no longer serve me. It has taught me to appreciate both what I have and who I have in my life.

Every time I step on my mat, i know that i am on a journey to something new. Yoga is a place of no judgement or expectations. It is a place where I feel free to express myself through breath and movement. It is a place where i feel accepted and it instills in me a feeling that I can take with me anywhere i am in this world. I practice yoga because I love the way it makes me feel. It grounds me down and keeps me connected with who I am. Yoga has taught me patience, both with myself and the people around me. Yoga has also shown me how to be a better person than i was yesterday.” – Amanda Rae


Being involved in the world of yoga since 2007, Paria is dedicated to sharing her passion for yoga with her students, placing emphasis on how mental, emotional, and physical health attribute to ones true sense of being, expression of self, happiness and ones fulfillment of life. Paria combines her knowledge and experience in psychology, mindfulness, dance, and various forms of yoga, to create classes emphasizing the connection to the self, love, growth and evolvement, in order to find a deeper connection within, with others, and everything else in life. She is dedicated to creating and holding space for students to heal, transform and unfold breath by breath.

“I believe that yoga creates a path to truth, to learn and experience your full potential, to explore, adventure, grow and evolve continuously. Yoga is the dance of life.” – Paria Mirazimi

Eran & Batya ~ The alchemy of living- Yoga Ayurveda and Transformation
Nov 10 – Nov 17 all-day

Imagine you were given a week in which all the layers of yourself—body, mind, emotions and spirit—were nourished and taken care of. In which you were given knowledge and practical tools to carry on back into your daily life.

Our retreat offers the space to rest, cleanse, and energize on all levels. We are creating for you a rich and tranquil environment for learning, relaxation, and transformation.

You will emerge nourished and replenished knowing how to integrate this wisdom into your life.

The Alchemy of living is held in a beautiful retreat center on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

During the Alchemy of living you will immerse in daily yoga, deep relaxation and meditation sessions. (Suitable for all levels, no previous experience needed).

Integrating the ancient teachings of Ayurveda for harmony and well-being, you will receive practical guidelines for a healthy daily ROUTINE, DIET and DETOX to illuminate your entire being.

We will also be weaving in transformational work using guided visualizations, group process, movement, cacao ceremony, and much more… 

The Yoga & Meditation practices will facilitate:
– Cultivating the fundamental principles of awareness, concentration and relaxation
– Expanding the Consciousness and liberating the Creative dormant energy
– Aligning the Body-Mind-Spirit
– Balancing the nervous and hormonal systems
– Self-healing and mind balance

The Ayurvedic teachings will explore:
– Ayurveda & Yoga philosophy, Cosmology and Psychology
– Overview of the different body-mind archetypes
– Ayurveda’s approach to health & well-being
– Life style, food and medicine in Ayurvedic thought
– Daily routine guidelines according to constitution and season

The pillars of life according to Ayurveda
– Ayurveda’s approach to proper digestion- how to kindle the inner fire (boosting metabolism)
– Ayurvedic Diet- The potency and post digestion effect of the six tastes
– Home detox & rejuvenation practices –
– Recognizing imbalances- Diagnostic tools: pulse, body and face
– Yoga & Meditation in the light of Ayurveda
– Integration of knowledge and skills

The transformational work will include:
– Understanding your mind better
– Practical ways to handle your thoughts and emotions in your day to day life
– Connecting with your inner child and awakening your inner elder
– Communicating with the body
– Cleansing subconscious materials from the cells and encoding new information and possibilities

Retreat Offerings

Yoga Nidra/Deep relaxation
Cacao ceremony
Movement and dance
Group process
Guided visualization
Birth into being
Breath work
Delicious healthy meals

Pricing & Registration

EARLY BIRDS: $1349 (Until August 31st)
$1499 (from September 1st)
To inquire or sign up, please email thealchemyofliving@gmail.com

About Eran

Eran Dolev is an experienced practitioner of Ayurveda, Yoga & Meditation, combining in his therapy a vast knowledge to promote your healing and well-being. Gaining years of training, practice and experience in India, Australia and Israel, he brings a holistic and integral approach. Certified by IAA- International Ayurveda Association, Tel-Aviv University & Satyananda Yoga Academy.

About Batya

Batya Goller has had a private practice as a therapist for over a decade and has worked with groups and individuals all around the world. Combining the teachings of eastern and western psychology, the theory of Neo–Humanology, and many years of self-inquiry and healing. M.A. in Social Work, Neo-Humanology therapist, Birth into being facilitator

Melanie Phillips ~ Activate: Vitality, Abundance & Soul Purpose An Ayurvedic Yoga & Energy Healing Retreat & Program
Nov 24 – Dec 1 all-day

Are you ready to be free from your past and create a life in greater alignment with your soul’s purpose?

Can you imagine living from a clear and centered space with a nervous system that feels resourced and rejuvenated?

Breakthrough blockages that are keeping you spinning in circles (low energy, lack of self-worth/ boundaries, confusion, lack of direction).

This retreat experience merges working: somatically through yoga, Ayurveda, movement and dance; energetically with Energy Healing techniques and facilitated healings; experientially with daily ritual and sacred ceremony; and through the powerful dynamic of being with like-hearted individuals.

You’ll come away with the tools you need to make healthier choices unique to your Ayurvedic constitution, and master your mental and emotional blind spots.

Let’s get you living a life YOU love and feeling inspired and whole.

About the Leader

Melanie Phillips (CAS, BFA, ERYT), stumbled and fell before finding the strength to rise back up again. Having walked through chronic illness and extraordinary loss, Melanie embraces Ayurveda, yoga and intuitive medicine as a primary means of how we can all re-emerge from darkness. As a 19 year full time yoga teacher and member of NAMA – National Ayurvedic Medical Association – Melanie created The Madhuri Method, a method that effectively treats symptoms and diseases of the mind, body, and emotions leading to a truer relationship to joy, acceptance and personal empowerment.

She is a Clinical Ayurvedic Practitioner, Yoga Teacher Trainer and Energy Healer, offering: Ayurvedic Yoga training for teachers, 1 on 1 work with clients and an online Inner Empowerment Mentorship program. All of her offerings are rooted in guiding her clients back to remembering their wholeness, love, and worth.

Melanie is the co-author of “Your Irresistible Life: 4 Seasons of Self-Care through Ayurveda & Yoga Practices that Work” and released her Best Selling book, “Living After Loss: A Soulful Guide to Freedom” in the spring of 2018.

Terri Cooper Space ~ Chakraology: Sacred Self Retreat
Dec 1 – Dec 8 all-day
Join Terri Cooper Space, on her much celebrated Chakraology Retreat. This 7 night yoga journey will take place at Lake Atitlan, a sacred site in Guatemala with a deeply preserved Mayan culture.

Enjoy luxury accommodations, delicious healthy food and breathtaking views of the Lake and three majestic volcanoes from our home at Villa Sumaya. This tranquil setting is the ideal environment to do the powerful inner work of Chakraology.

What is Chakraology?
Chakraology is the scientific study of the human energy body. This modality identifies energetic and/or physical misalignments, clears blockages, and restores vitality and balance.

Chakraology uses a WHOLE SELF, Three Limb Approach that acknowledges trauma as the root cause of chakra imbalance. Trauma creates physical and/or emotional pain, sending our chakras out of balance. This in turn further impacts our social/emotional well-being and physical health.

About Terri:

Terri Cooper Space is a teacher to yoga teachers. She has led more than 25 yoga teacher training courses, certifying hundreds of inspiring leaders, and facilitates advanced trainings for professional yoga teachers.  She is the owner of 305 Yoga, a karma yoga studio in Miami, USA, and is the Founder of Connection Coalition, a not for profit organization that partners with schools, jails, shelters, foster homes, and rehabs to bring yoga, meditation & mindfulness to youth in crisis across the US and abroad.

Internationally, Terri serves as a faculty member for Off The Mat, Into The World and she is the co-author of All You Can Yoga’s Teacher Training Curriculum with facilitators  across South America, Europe and the US.

Known for her strong spiritual message delivered through an uncensored teaching style, Terri drives a slow yet challenging vinyasa practice with an accent on alignment and safety. Terri’s specialty is her mastery of the chakra system, and her ability to take students through a personal transformative experience that aligns and balances the chakras. She has developed Chakraology, as a body of work that uses a whole self approach with a three limb system guiding students into awareness, re-alignment and self healing.

Terri is committed to diversifying the face and shape of yoga, and can be found at conferences and festivals spreading the message that yoga is for bodies of all size, color and level of experience.

The Food:
Included in your retreat are three organic, locally sourced, DELICIOUS vegan/vegetarian meals each day made with consciousness and love by local health food chefs. -including coffee, juice, and snacks. Special dietary needs (including animal protein) can be made available, with advance notice and additional fees.

Bring a friend or travel alone, and we’ll assign you a roommate or two.

Retreat Costs: 
Single accommodations- $2599 (limited availability)
Double accommodations- $2125
Triple accommodations- $1720

Payment plans available.
A. Pay in Full (save $100)
B. Pay 50% now (includes non-refundable deposit) , and 50% in another single installment
C. Pay $500 (non-refundable) deposit now, and break remaining balance up into 4 equal payments.

Included in the rates:
– accommodations/ food/ unlimited water, tea, coffee
– Group Shuttle from La Aurora International Airport (GTE) Guatemala City to Panahachel
– Water Taxi from Pana to Villa Sumaya
– Complete Chakraology program
– Traditional Mayan ceremonies

Not included:
– airfair
– additional shuttles if your arrival does not align with the group travel schedule
– spa services, additional excursions, juices

Complete this google form to apply.


“This is a truly life changing experience led by a master facilitator and beautiful soul. Assessing myself through this lens has been one of the most insightful and clarifying processes I have done for myself. Anyone who has the opportunity to do this in one week should absolutely jump on it!”


“Terri provided a safe place to dig deep and identify the things that prevent you from being fulfilled in life. More importantly, she teaches you the tools needed, that were never available before to make true, lasting and deep transformation. If you have the opportunity to participate, do it!”


Rabbi Shefa Gold ~ Entering into Deep Practice: A Vacation to Nurture Your Soul
Dec 16 – Dec 23 all-day



I believe that the goal and purpose of all Jewish Spiritual practice is to learn how to live every moment in the loving awareness of God’s Presence.  That constant and devoted awareness transforms the heart and becomes the source of every action, and the fount of every relationship.

In our tradition we call that loving awareness Devekut, which literally is translated as cleaving. Deuteronomy 4:4 says You that cleave to YHVH your God are alive, all of you, today. This verse lays out the 3 essential qualities that the practice of Devekut cultivates in us: Chayyim, Kulchem, HaYom. Life, Wholeness and Presence.

Villa Sumaya is one of the most beautiful and healing places on earth. There on the shores of the sacred lake, we will share an exploration of Life, Wholeness and Presence, through chant, sacred text, silence and the sharing of our hearts. Our retreat will include an ancient Mayan ceremony for the solstice, a glorious celebration of Shabbat, daily excursions into the Guatemalan countryside and the opportunity to engage with some of the most gifted healers anywhere.

Each day, awaken to Greater Vitality, Connection, Integration and Presence. Experience an authentic Mayan Shaman and a fire circle, or a Mayan Cacao ceremony. Enjoy 3 amazing meals a day, daily yoga classes, beautifully decorated and restful accommodations, kayaking and swimming, Bird-watching, excursions to local villages and festivals, and healing body work.

Villa Sumaya is an eco-conscious, family-run, full-service spiritual retreat center with stunning practice space, charming rooms, lush gardens, kayaks, hot tub, full service spa, fair-trade boutique, juice bar, delicious buffets, hammocks galore and more! Weather in December is sunny and in the 70s.


About Your Leader

Rabbi Shefa Gold is credited with re-awakening the ancient art and magic of Hebrew Chant. She is a leader in ALEPH: the Alliance for Jewish Shefa-C-pic1-1-180x150Renewal and received her ordination both from the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College and from Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi (z”l). She is the director of C-DEEP, The Center for Devotional, Energy and Ecstatic Practice in Jemez Springs, New Mexico. She teaches workshops and retreats on the theory and art of Chanting, Devotional Healing, Spiritual Community-Building and Meditation.

Rabbi Shefa composes and performs spiritual music, has produced ten albums, and her liturgies have been published in several new prayerbooks. She is the author of Torah Journeys: The Inner Path to the Promised Land and In the Fever of Love: An Illumination of The Song of Songs, both published by Ben Yehuda Press. Her latest book, published by Jewish Lights, is The Magic of Hebrew Chant: Healing the Spirit, Transforming the Mind, Deepening Love.

By combining her grounding in Judaism with a background in Buddhist, Christian, Islamic, and Native American spiritual traditions, Rabbi Shefa is uniquely qualified as a spiritual bridge celebrating the shared path of devotion. She was selected by The Jewish Daily Forward (forward.com) as one of the most inspiring rabbis in 2015. Learn more about Rabbi Shefa.


About Villa SumayaLizzy badakanasa tiger

Villa Sumaya is an eco-conscious, family-run, full-service spiritual retreat center  featured in Taschen’s Great Yoga Retreats. Set in the heart of the Mayan Highlands on the magnificent shores of Lake Atitlán, you can enjoy uninterrupted vistas of the lake and its three stunning volcanoes. A short and beautiful boat ride from Panajachel, Villa Sumaya is a healing sanctuary amongst the ageless natural beauty of Mother Earth.

The property has well-equipped yoga spaces (temples), lush gardens, a swimming dock and kayaks, hot tub and sauna, a full service spa, fair-trade boutique, juice bar and many places to hide away with a good book. Their cafe offers nourishing allergy-sensitive, abundant and delicious buffets and 24/7 coffee and tea. Optional outings include: boating to local villages, hiking volcanos, craft markets, birdwatching, and service projects among others. Weather in December is sunny and in the 70s.


Choose from single, double, or triple rooms, decorated with folk arts and crafts, each with breathtaking views of the lake and a personal balcony or patio. Take in the vistas of the verdant volcanoes and the tranquil waters of Lake Atitlán, or rest in the many hammocks on the property.

Pricing & Registration

Room Rates (including 3 sumptuous meals, coffee/tea all day, sauna/hot tub, swimming, and all day access to our inspiring sacred space for chanting and yoga, and taxes).

Single:    $2,000

Double:    $1,700

If you want to go on a local excursion from Villa Sumaya, go to a Mayan ceremony, rent a kayak, have bodywork, or a smoothie at the juice bar, those cost a modest additional amount.  Tips are extra as well. Spouses/partners of chanters are welcome!

Travel to Villa Sumaya

Airfare is purchased separately, and flights take about 2.5 hours from southern U.S. airports like Miami, Dallas, or Houston to Guatemala City. Prices will go up because of the holidays, so book asap!  Villa Sumaya arranges for a comfortable shuttle to pick up guests arriving at the airport, (it takes about 3 hours to get to the lake) and arranges for a boat for the last 10 minute boat ride across the lake. Plan on the better part of a day to travel to this secluded spot, but its stunning beauty is well worth the trip.  Some visitors like to extend their stay to see Antigua, a beautiful historic city between Lake Atitlan and Guatemala City, before or after the retreat.

U.S. and Canadian and EU citizens need their passport and they get a 90 day visa upon entry into Guatemala…no advance arrangements or vaccinations are needed.  The site and travel to it are safe.

A deposit of $500 per person is requested to hold your spot, and then 50% is due 60 days prior to the retreat, and the balance is due one week before our week at Villa Sumaya.

Contact info@villasumaya.com with any questions and to reserve your place on this incredible vacation!

Book soon! Space is very limited and it is filling fast!

Amy Raven & Alexis Ware ~ Embody the soul
Dec 23 – Dec 27 all-day

We are of the belief that life isn’t just about work or play, growth or fun but a fluid continuum with the conscious creation of balance with an emphasis on wholeness, evolution, integration, and embodiment. We decided to combine forces and all of our superpowers to create Raven Retreats, “Embody the soul”.

Explore the Embodiment of the Soul through conscious application of dance, yoga, sound and energy healing to a personal and collective experience in a pristine setting to re-pattern and encode the cells of the body, the conscious/ subconscious mind. Ignite energetic and emotional bodies remembering lightness, fun, joy, and connection. With the exploration and acceptance of all the human emotions including the sum of all human experiences. We come together to laugh, cry, and play. Choosing to connect with ourselves, each other and the divine. Learning to get inside and traveling outside of our bodies. This will be no ordinary retreat. For the first time ever, we combine the power of ThetaHealing® to restructure the subconscious belief systems with that of sound and movement to clear blockages, release stagnation. Fully claim the beauty of who you really are!


About the leaders:

Amy Raven was first exposed to yoga at an early age when dragged to a Saturday 6 am class to be supportive of her mothers best friends new endeavor. At that time she wasn’t aware that this moment would shape her life in a deeply positive way. Growing up in California gave her many choices of yoga styles to practice, (so many limbs to the tree). In 2006 She completed her 200hr YA in Hatha yoga at All About Yoga with Kathleen Grace Santor, In this training, she discovered the true jewel of yoga was not just asana. She studied with Paul Grilley at the bodies exhibited. She curiosity lead her to workshops & yoga conferences to exploring her own personal practice. Amy Raven discovered her passion for pole dancing & aerial arts around the same time. Combining the passions she started teaching workshops that liberated women “The Dance of the Divine Goddess”. With the love of travel, she has taught and performed around the world. She has furthered her support to women by becoming a doula with Birthing from within and teaches prenatal yoga. Thirsty for more “Satya” or “truth” of this ancient practice called yoga she journeyed deep in the jungle of Bali to find her teacher Uma Idler. The School of Sacred Arts, where she added 300 hrs YA in Tantra, Hatha, and Ayurveda this gave her understanding of peoples needs with practice & nutrition. Meditation chanting & breath work gave her to a new level of connection. She realized healing her self would create ripple effects in her family and community. She discovered healing through sound from Guy Douglas. The experiences were so profound she invests in a set of gold quartz crystal sound bowl to share the healing vibrations in her our community. She studied at the Breath Center in Ojai, Ca with Micheal Brain Baker. She has studied meditation and massage at Esalen Institute, Thai yoga therapy in Ojai, She volunteers at Bhakti/ Shakti fest in the kitchen, performs aerial at transformational festivals, is a raw food chef, Acro yoga enthusiast, holds woman circles, teaches sacred sexual empowerment & tantra for couples. She loves the great outdoors! Her life’s mission is to radiate light from the heart to illuminate darkness within her self. “Let us be united in co-creation for the greater good of all. One must have the realization that there is no separation. SAT NAM! “


Alexis Ware, L.Ac., MSTCM, founder of Theta School of Magic (2010), is an energy expert and life strategist from Los Angeles, CA specializing in the art of energetic communication and the wake up of desire. A licensed acupuncturist with 10+years experience as a professional ThetaHealer®, Alexis is an authority on upgrading subconscious belief systems to bring clarity to desire and create the life of one’s dreams. Alexis has taught classes all over the United States: LA, New York, Chicago, Vermont, San Francisco and most recently in Istanbul, Turkey on the power of unconditional love and the effects of subconscious beliefs on health, happiness, and success. Alexis holds a Masters degree in acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine (PCOM San Diego, 2009), is a certified ThetaHealer® and ThetaHealing® instructor, Reiki Master and life coach with three years comprehensive training in Orgasm and coaching (OneTaste®), a passion for Human Design and a penchant for all things evolution. Alexis brings her 10+ years of experience as a ThetaHealer to guide you safely, with complete love, acceptance and zero judgment to the depths of your subconscious mind to face your fears, your doubts, your desires and your shadow. You will have the opportunity to release your subconscious and energetic blocks to clarifying, claiming and living your desires and allowing the joy, passion, money, love, sex, success and whatever else you truly and deeply want into your daily life experience. As aThetaHealer, she guides safely, with complete love, acceptance and zero judgment to the depths of the subconscious mind to face your fears, doubts, desires, and shadow. Given the opportunity to release subconscious and energetic blocks to clarifying, claiming and living desires and allowing the joy, passion, money, love, sex, success and whatever else truly and deeply one desires in daily life experience.

Contact info:



Akasha Ellis ~ 10th Annual New Years’ Bhakti Yoga Retreat
Dec 27 2018 – Jan 3 2019 all-day

Come open your heart and expand your awareness for the New Year with yoga for your body, mind, and soul as Akasha and friends present a wonderful Bhakti experience you’ll never forget.

We will fill our days with Yoga and set our intention to heal ourselves, those around us and Mother Earth.

Mornings will begin with a group sadhana (kundalini yoga, chanting/meditation and pranayama) followed later by a guided Ashtanga/Vinyasa flow session.

Afternoons, we will meet once again to practice a restorative and/or Kundalini set that will leave our muscles relaxed, our hearts open and our minds and bodies ready for a restful night.

This retreat is open to all levels. There will be time to play, explore, relax and enjoy our surroundings.

The center features a hot tub, sauna, a spa to receive a massage, places to hike, a beautiful lake to swim and kayak, villages to explore for a nice day trip and plenty of wonderful spots to relax and become present.

About Akasha

Akasha is co-owner of Birmingham Yoga and director of Birmingham yogaakasha head shot teacher training. He offers several retreats and workshops throughout the year. He maintains a strong personal yoga practice (sadhana) that combines the daily practice of pranayama, mantra, meditation, Kundalini and Ashtanga asana (Primary, Secondary and Third Series). His classes reflect his personal approach and will include the traditions of Kundalini and classical Ashtanga for a heart-centered class that will leave the student toned, stretched, centered and open, from the inside out. Learn more about Akasha.

Pricing & Registration

For more information, see http://birminghamyoga.com/new-years-guatemala-retreat/ or email akashaellis@gmail.com.

Lauren & Lisa ~ Guatemala Magic Yoga + Healing Retreat
Jan 5 – Jan 12 all-day

Embark on a journey to your truest self. Relax, align, and connect with Lauren Leduc, yoga instructor and studio owner, and Lisa Lola, energy healer and owner of Lisa Lola Healing Arts on a path to paradise. Enjoy yoga, mediation, healing, sacred ritual, and adventure on the shores of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

For more information or to sign up, please visit Lauren Leduc Yoga or Lisa Lola Healing Arts or email laurenashleyleduc@gmail.com.

About the Teachers

Lauren Leduc, E-RYT200, Founder of Karma Tribe Yoga and Pop-Up Yoga KC

Lauren is a dedicated yoga teacher and entrepreneur with the unique gift of cultivating connection and community. She believes that yoga is beneficial to everyone and is passionate about creating accessible experiences and opportunities for students to find a deeper connection to themselves and the world around them.

Lauren has a fun, challenging, intelligent, and present teaching style loved by thousands of students. After completing her 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training in 2013 through Frog Lotus Yoga, Lauren began teaching public classes and workshops within the community of Kansas City. In 2015, Lauren founded Pop-Up Yoga KC, which creates donation-based yoga events drawing hundreds of students. Upon the success of Pop-Up Yoga KC, Lauren created Karma Tribe Yoga, Kansas City’s Premiere Non Profit and Donation-Based Yoga Studio. In 2016, Lauren was voted “Best Yoga Instructor” by Pitch Weekly Readers, taught multiple workshops, led yoga retreats in Mexico, Thailand, and Bali, and moved Karma Tribe Yoga to its beautiful new location in Midtown, Kansas City.

Recently, Lauren earned a certification in Thai Yoga Bodywork, completed the first module of Advanced Teacher Training through Frog Lotus Yoga, and was hired as head teacher for Yoga Buzz Kansas City. She stays connected with her students and community through her current offerings and is currently planning upcoming retreats, Karma Tribe Yoga 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, and Heartland Yoga Festival.

Lisa Lola

Lisa Lola is an energy healer who provides energetic balancing and supportive services to assist individuals along their own spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical journey’s. Her purpose is to help people heal themselves so they are free to power-fully choose and live the life they desire.

Lisa Lola offers and combines a list of services that has been shown to assist people in their own healing though chakra balancing, channeling, reiki, past life regression, access bars, guided meditation, and essential oils. Lisa also leads workshops, classes and weekend retreats on energy healing, chakra education and balancing, heart opening, grounding and emotional well-being.

SINGER MAYBERRY – Mayan Yoga Adventure with Singer
Jan 26 – Feb 2 all-day

Mayan Yoga Adventure with Singer


January 26 – Feb 2, 2019

Next winter, venture out to a semi-tropical paradise often called “the land of eternal spring.” Hit the reset button after the holidays with a peaceful getaway to the picturesque shores of Lake Atitlán in Guatemala for a week that will nourish your body and soul. Yoga, culture, adventure and relaxation await you at the gorgeous property of Villa Sumaya, where we have reserved the most luxurious lakefront suites to house our group.

Surrounded by three dormant volcanoes, Lake Atitlán is believed by the Maya “to be the center of the universe where God’s seeds of mankind evolved.” Start this adventure when you arrive by boat from Panajachel to the private dock at Villa Sumaya. What awaits will be a magical experience like no other, starting our week off with a Cacao Ceremony followed by a Mayan Fire Ceremony.

Relax with Singer Mayberry of The Art of Yoga School in Austin, Texas, as she leads us through eight days of yin, hatha & restorative yoga tailored to all levels – the perfect way to balance out active hikes and bird watching expeditions. By the end of the week you will feel stronger and healthier just from the 100+ steps you will be taking daily to reach your on site accomodations. Looking for more action? Schedule a 7 hour tour climbing San Pedro, the tallest of the three volcanos or kayaking towards a quaint village nearby. But of course, be sure to allow time for lounging in a hammock, spa treatments, swimming or just enjoying the lush grounds.

7 Nights Accommodation
3 Vegetarian Meals a Day
Unlimited tea/coffee/filtered drinking water
Mayan Fire Ceremony
Cacao Ceremony
Daily yoga classes with Singer
Use of Villa Sumaya’s pool & hot tub

Traditional Sweat Lodge Ceremony
Kayak Paddle & Hike Tour
Volcano Hike
Bird Watching
Spa & Sauna Treatments
Local Market & Shopping Tour
+ more








Singer’s passion is teaching Restorative & Yin Yoga, while also being an active musician in her hometown of Austin Texas. Teaching since 2012, she owned her own yoga studio for 5 years and has over 1000 hours of teaching experience (E-RYT 200). Her background as a musician and artist leads her to create inspiring yoga experiences for her students. Always paying attention to the details, she finds value in “curating” everything from music playlists, to incorporating the use of essential oils & smudging to help even out the energy in her classes.

“To me, Restorative Yoga is all about relaxing the mind by practicing gentle stretching sequences that will also make your body feel great. It is such a welcoming practice, because everyone can benefit, wherever you are in your yoga journey…all levels of experience are welcome. As a student in my classes you will enjoy the incorporation of essential oils, smudging with sweetgrass and sage, calming music, and hands on assists to help you relax to your fullest.

The practice of yoga has brought balance to my life, nurturing my body, mind and soul. My practice helps me to live in a state of calm and consistency, even during times when my life seems utterly chaotic. Through my classes, I hope to share many valuable moments of calmness and clarity, encouraging balance in all of my students lives.”

Singer has a degree in Fine Arts, majoring in Classical Guitar & Mesoamerican Art History. Her first official 200 hour training was with Sumukhi Kristina Lanuza and Zoe Mantarakis of Yoga Illumined in 2013. Since then she has furthered her studies of Yin Yoga with Heather Tiddens in 2015, and completed Judith Lasater’s Level 1 Restorative Yoga Certification Program in 2016 while currently taking courses with the The California College of Ayurveda.

Monthly installments start 30 days after non-refundable deposit is paid*

Early Bird Rates start at $1450-1795 per person (Single, Double or Triple Occupancy)

We have reserved the most luxurious lakefront suites to house our group,

To learn more & to register, visit www.theartofyogaschool.com

Questions? Contact Singer:


airport transfers ($35-$100 per person with private transport)
arrival and departure boat trip ($25 for up to 4 people on private boat)
spa services
additional excursions
gratuities (approx. $5-$7/day)
travel insurance

Transportation is NOT included in the pricing. HOWEVER, if you would like for us to plan your transportation from the time you land in Guatemala City (or Antigua if arriving a few days early) to when you arrive at Villa Sumaya, we are offering a $200 transit fare that will include:

A private vehicle to travel with the retreat group from Guatemala City or Antigua to Panajachel
Boat ride from Panajachel to the Villa Sumaya dock
Returning to the airport after the retreat: your boat ride and private van directly to the airport will be included.

Reviews for Yoga with Singer
“This is the Vahlrona of restorative yin yoga: complex layers of richness within a simple format, indulgent in sweetness. I have never had a more poignant, nurturing and caring yoga experience. Singer has an exquisitely transformative touch that luxuriates with love and attention. Sophisticated playlist, art, and incense too.” – April 2016, Victoria Tai

“I’ve been taking Singer’s restorative yoga class on Sundays for the past year and they have transformed my life. They have forced me to slow down, be still (which I’m horrible at!), and be okay with being with myself.” – February 2017, Raman Sandhu



Jason Calsyn ~ Deep Bliss Yoga Retreat
Feb 9 – Feb 16 all-day

Join us for this week-long retreat to Villa Sumaya, on the gorgeous Lake Atitlán, Guatemala. This will be a perfect opportunity to rejuvenate and escape the Pacific Northwest winter. We will focus on casting off the accumulated weight of the previous year and making room for new growth. Each day will begin and end with our yoga practice, with the intention of opening our hearts and being receptive to possibility. In between, we will make new friends, explore exotic spaces, and relax deeply into ease and joy. We’ll balance the opportunity for self-work with the equally valuable chance to find peace and stillness.


Pricing: $1400/$1800 (shared/single accommodations)
Included: 2 yoga classes per day (hatha or flow class in the morning and restorative or yin in the evening), 3 vegetarian meals per day, group events including a Mayan Fire Ceremony, Chichimeca Sweat Lodge, Cacao Ceremony, and a tour of one of the local villages.

Not included: Transportation to/from the retreat center, alcohol, tips for the local staff. There are also many other optional activities such as hikes (climb a volcano!) and kayaking, as well as a spa with massage and other therapeutic services, which are available at additional cost.

Group size is limited to 18 guests.

A $500 non-refundable deposit reserves your spot.

Early bird special!

Sign up before June 1 and take $200 off the total price!

About the leader:


Jason Calsyn (RYT-500, E-RYT 200) has been teaching yoga in the United States and Southeast Asia since 2012. He has trained at Maui Hot Yoga on Maui, Hawaii and at Sampoorna Yoga in Goa, India. He teaches several styles, including Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Vinyasa Flow, and Yoga Nidra. Jason believes that a good yoga practice balances physical, mental, emotional, and energetic elements. He is the owner of Mystic Monkey Yoga in Port Townsend, WA, USA.


Website – mysticmonkeyyoga.com

Email: mysticmonkeyyoga@gmail.com

Nicole Gnutzman – You are Luminous Retreat
Feb 16 – Feb 23 all-day


A Journey to Reconnection, Wholeness & Luminosity

through Wisdom Practices, Sacred Ceremonies, Drum Journeys, Yoga, Energy Healing & Mayan Adventures

Journey with us and return with clarity on your path, in flow with life, abundant with inner resources and practical tools, restored and transformed, so you respond to life, work and relationship from

a clear, aligned and deeply connected place.


Be Luminous.


Nicole Gnutzman, Transformation Coach, Reiki II, Cacao Medicine & Shamanic Practitioner

In the Mayan world, the five elements–earth, water, air, fire and sky/spirit–are our teachers, healers and guides for living a whole and luminous life with abundance, clarity, flow and creative life force energy.

On this retreat, you’ll find yourself deeply immersed in experiences designed to honor each element through embodiment practices, sacred ceremony and ritual, drum journeys, yoga, and Mayan cultural adventures on the sacred waters of Lake Atitlan, which the Maya believe to be the birthplace of all creation.

You will be transformed–renewed, restored and reconnected–and return home with practices and tools for inner clarity, connection, alignment and self-healing. You will feel whole and luminous.

I’m so delighted to share this journey and the transformative magic of Lake Atitlan with you as this was where I was guided on my own healing journey: first on a solo retreat to confirm my soul’s path and second to co-lead a yoga & transformation retreat at Villa Sumaya. It feels like a second home to me.

Villa Sumaya is a beautifully abundant eco-retreat, yoga and healing arts center. Experience its lush magical surroundings in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=keIW3y-d6Vc

Each day of the retreat focuses on one of the elemental energies–earth, water, air, fire and sky/spirit–with embodiment practices, rituals and ceremonies that set the foundation for your own reconnection and self-healing. You will receive practical tools to take home, so you maintain your connection to Self and Source.

In addition to practices and excursions, there will be free time to swim in the lake, lie in a hammock, soak in the sun, visit local indigenous villages, kayak or paddle board, or indulge in a spa treatment.

At the end of the retreat, you may choose to visit the sacred ruins of Tikal with me on Feb. 23-25 (optional and for additional cost) to deepen your connection and inner healing.

When you return home, you will feel a deep connection to Self and Source and to your soul’s path. You will look and feel Luminous!

What’s included:

7 night’s accommodation at the beautiful Villa Sumaya, in the heart of the Mayan highlands on the shore of sacred Lake Atitlan.

3 vegetarian meals daily; unlimited coffee and tea (chicken and fish available at additional cost; alcohol and specialty drinks not included).

Included activities and excursions:

  • Explore and experience your inner abundance, flow, clarity and creative transformative powers in daily embodiment sessions
  • Visit a Nature Preserve in the rainforest and feel nature’s abundance as we honor the elements in a sacred ritual
  • Access your inner guidance in two Shamanic Drum Journeys with your Power Animal and Higher Guide/Teacher
  • Reconnect to Self and Source in a sacred, healing Cacao Ceremony with Reiki healing
  • Flow and relax in two yoga classes with my favorite, luminous yoga teachers, Yuval and Angela, including a restorative yoga evening session with sound healing
  • Receive clarity about your soul’s path from your Mayan Day Sign and a Mayan Fire Ceremony with an indigenous Shaman
  • Visit a women’s weaving cooperative to experience beautiful tapestries of the indigenous people as we weave your new story into life
  • Relax during your free time and lounge by the pool, swim in the lake, soak in the hot tub or lie in a hammock under a palm tree

Not included (or for an additional cost):

  • Flight, shuttle and boat transfer
  • Gratuities for staff and drivers
  • Alcohol and specialty drinks
  • Chicken or fish at meals
  • Spa and healing treatments
  • Additional excursions
  • Wifi

Rates are as follows:

$2375 Single Occupancy

$2075 Double Occupancy

A $775 non-refundable deposit secures your spot.  All payments are non-refundable. Full payment 45 days before the retreat.

Please note: retreat dates are Saturday 02/16 – Saturday 02/23.

Flight to/ from Guatemala City and airport/boat transfer not included. Inquire for transportation rates and to arrange your shuttle.

Please arrive in time for dinner and our evening opening circle on 02/16. The shuttle from the airport in Guatemala City to Lake Atitlan takes approximately 3 hours. Once out of the city, it is a breathtaking drive through the highlands of Guatemala.

For more details contact: nicole@soulscapecoaching.com

About Nicole:

Nicole Gnutzman, founder of Soulscape Coaching & Journeys, leads journeys to wholeness through wisdom practices, sacred ceremony, and transformational coaching.

It is through this healing journey that her clients reconnect to their inner self, which brings clarity, flow, abundance and creativity to their work, relationships and life. They become whole and luminous.

Nicole spent many years in the corporate and non-profit worlds, followed her heart, and now is living her soul’s path as a healer and coach. She is a certified Transformation Coach, Cacao Medicine, Reiki II and Shamanic Practitioner.

She has worked with ceremonial cacao for several years in personal, private and group ceremony at retreat, spa and spiritual centers in northern California. Cacao has been her primary teacher, healer and guide and Reiki has become a natural healing partner with cacao.

Her shamanic drum journeys deepen her clients’ connection to the wisdom and guidance of their spirit guides and teachers, who become a lifelong resource.

All of the spiritually centered healing practices Nicole offers gently and beautifully connect her clients to Self and Source, and provides them with tools for their own inner healing and guidance.

Her website is soulscapecoaching.com.



Frans ~ Meditation and Culture Retreat with Star Meditations
Feb 21 – Mar 2 all-day

Join us on the adventure of a lifetime, as we journey on a 9 day Mayan Discovery Retreat to one of the world’s most beautiful lakes. You will fall in love with the natural beauty of the breathtaking Lake Atitlan and the three majestic volcanoes, Atitlan, San Pedro and Toliman that surround it.

Our Mayan adventure will begin in the gorgeous UNESCO World Heritage city of Antigua. We will spend 2 nights here. This is a must see destination, full of colonial architecture, cobblestone streets and picturesque surroundings. Our exquisite hotel is close to the city centre, allowing plenty of opportunities for leisurely walking, visiting museums and immersing ourselves in Mayan culture.

For the following 7 nights, our home will be a serene wellness eco resort, boasting spectacular views of Lake Atitlan. The resort offers beautifully decorated private rooms, natural lush gardens, sauna, solar heated pool and hot tub, a fair trade boutique gift shop, a juice bar and many inspirational, relaxing places to hide away with a good book.

During our stay, we will take part in relaxing meditation sessions including chakra breathing and sound healing as well as traditional Mayan ceremonies. We will explore the culture of the Mayan people.

There will be plenty of time for relaxation, massages or healing sessions, or to just soak in the stunning views from one of the many colourful hammocks. If you enjoy more adventurous activities you can kayak on the lake or hike up a volcano.

This is a very special retreat guaranteed to captivate the imagination and soothe the spirit.

Details and registration please visit www.starmeditations.com.au/retreats or email frans@starmeditations.com.au

About Frans


My journey with meditation began when I was 14 years old, a Japanese friend, Joe, introduced me to meditation. Joe gave me a precious gift, which I will cherish forever.

I am an experienced and registered Meditation Facilitator with ACHS (Australian Centre for Holistic Studies), and a member of the Australian Meditation Association, the Won Buddhist Centre and involved with Kriya yoga.

Star Meditations was born from the passion and joy I receive every day from meditating. I teach and facilitate a variety of meditation methods, to help people reconnect with themselves, balance their energies and create harmony with the divine energies of the universe, in order to control their stress, anxiety and depression levels.

Meditation does not have to be spiritual. Those not interested in the spiritual level of meditation can still meditate and reap all the stress relieving and relaxation benefits. I will teach you to experience life in a more relaxed way to attract a more beautiful, positive energy, which will result in a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Feb 23 – Mar 2 all-day

Nourish and replenish your body, mind and heart, while being surrounded by spectacular views of majestic volcanoes, lush vegetation and the breathtaking blue waters of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala…known as one of the most beautiful and energetically spiritual places on earth. Join Kristina Ahern for her 3rd year of leading yoga participants on a journey of self discovery and transformation at the serene and welcoming Villa Sumaya. The incredible palpable energies, naturally healing surroundings and kindness of VS staff and the locals of Lake Atitlan are the perfect backdrop for her teachings.

Kristina’s yoga retreat at Villa Sumaya is more than a ‘resort experience’….it is truly a LIFE experience! Past retreat participants confirm this sentiment:

“The yoga retreat at Villa Sumaya far exceeded my hopes and expectations! The tranquil setting of Villa Sumaya on the shores of Lake Atitlan with its gracious and attentive staff provided a perfect backdrop for our yoga retreat. Our incredible yoga instructor, Kristina Ahern, led us on a week-long physical and spiritual journey, providing helpful guidance and adaptations to meet each individual’s needs and capabilities. The schedule allowed plenty of time to relax, reflect, explore our surroundings and participate in a number of unique personal and cultural experiences located within the retreat center and surrounding villages. It truly was a transformative experience and one that I will cherish for a lifetime!” ~ R.C. 2018

“My first impression of Villa Sumaya was of ease and openness. The staff gave the impression of sincerely caring for our well-being. My room was comfortable and beautiful and the meals were delicious and plentiful. Also, unlike so many that claim to be environmentally friendly, Villa Sumaya truly lives up to the moniker “eco-retreat center”.

Kristina led a twice-daily practice that was transformational. The theme she chose for the week was ideal for the setting and level of the participants. With her gentle guidance in this palpably spiritual environment, I felt that my practice was opened to another level.” ~ J.L. 2017

INSPIRATION, PERSPIRATION, TRANSFORMATION: this 3-word model created by T.K.V. Desikachar for progression toward one’s potential in life and yoga will be explored during this weeklong retreat. With nearly 20 years of teaching and chanting experience within the Krishnamacharya/T.K.V. Desikachar tradition….creativity, compassion and a deep connection to the sacred within the natural world are woven into the fabric of Kristina’s approach. Each individual participant is honored and respected according to his/her capabilities and is gently encouraged to uncover personal potential with lightness, compassion and kindness toward self.

The morning practice will include asana, pranayama and chant to inspire, energize and ‘open up’ the body, breath and heart. In the afternoon, the focus will turn more inward with gentle movement, mantra japam, ritual, visualization & meditation. There will be enough time between the sessions for you to relax & assimilate the morning practice, schedule healing sessions or participate in other activities offered through Villa Sumaya. Wednesday is the scheduled day off (can be changed with group consensus). Kristina is keeping the group to a maximum of 14 participants to support the energetic cohesiveness of the group and the development of meaningful relationships within it. Note that group activities and tours can be scheduled depending upon interest and energy (at extra cost)

No yoga experience is required for this retreat…only a willingness to step outside of what is familiar, supported by a seasoned yoga teacher (Kristina is certified E-RYT500 with Yoga Alliance, IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist and trained Vedic Chant teacher) a sanga of retreat participants and the caring & attentive staff of Villa Sumaya.

As a gesture of respect and generosity toward the indigenous Mayan culture in Guatemala, a portion of each participant’s tuition will be donated to Multi-Colores http://www.multi-colores.org, a non-profit formed by the owners of Cultural Cloth http://www.culturalcloth.com to support Mayan artisans in the Lake Atitlan area. In the past 2 years, retreat participants have helped fund work stations designed for rughooking and empowerment leadership programs for the Multi-Colores women. We will take time to visit their offices located in Panajachel to see their beautiful work during our stay. There are also many other opportunities to support the indigenous people during your time in Guatemala. You may want to consider arriving a few days early or staying a few days after the retreat (or both) to further immerse yourself in the Guatemalan cultural experience.

Included in the Retreat:

7 nights accommodation at Villa Sumaya (tax included)

3 vegetarian meals per day (meat/fish/alcohol extra)

Twice daily yoga sessions: 10:30 a.m -12:30 p.m. & 4:30 p.m.-6:30 p.m.

Held Sunday, Feb. 24th through Friday, March 1st (Wed. off)

Registration & Pricing:

**$500 non-refundable deposit reserves your space!

Extra early bird (paid before 7/15/18)

Early bird (paid before 9/15/18)   Full price (paid after 9/15/18)

Single: EEB $1895, EB $2045, Full $2195

Double: EEB $1595, EB $1745, Full $1895

Triple: EEB $1495, EB $1645, Full $1795

**All registration fees must be paid in full by Nov. 15th, 2018

**Price does not include air, ground or water transportation.

To register or with questions, please contact Kristina Ahern (owner of Santosha Springs Yoga & Wellness)

ahernkristina@gmail.com or 952 261-5178.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SantoshaSprings/

YogaFresh ~ Yoga Retreat
Mar 2 – Mar 9 all-day
Abby & Skip Hampton Yoga Healing Arts
Mar 9 – Mar 16 all-day



Ram Wiener & Nathalie Rukmini Ando ~ Yoga Vacation in Guatemala
Mar 16 – Mar 22 all-day

Discover the breathtaking vistas of cobalt-blue Lake Atitlan uniquely surrounded by some of Guatemala’s largest volcanoes. Join us for a Yoga vacation in Guatemala and watch your workday blues vanish into thin air.

You will stay at a beautiful hotel and retreat center, situated on the picturesque shore of Lake Atitlan. It has an uninterrupted view, punctuated only by a skyline of three perfect volcanoes. Here, you can relax and experience an ideal place for people in search of rest, relaxation, and ageless natural beauty. This unpretentious, thatched-roof complex has comfortable rooms, spacious gardens, a restaurant, and a beautiful facility for Hatha Yoga classes, meditations, and retreats.

The restaurant, with a stunning view of the lake, offers a culinary-conscious menu for vegetarians. A nutritious, eclectic blend of local and international cuisine, created from Guatemala’s cornucopia of fruits and vegetables, is available three times a day. Baked goods are produced daily.
Our daily schedule will include:

Two Hatha Yoga classes per day
Presentations from our featured senior presenters
Plenty of free time to swim, sunbathe, go for walks, simply relax, and get to know your fellow travelers

We will plan some trips outside of Lake Atitlan for those interested.


Double: $1,350
Single: $1,595
No triple
$100 off if paid in full by December 31, 2018

No other discounts apply.
Includes three daily vegetarian meals.
Does not include airfare or transportation to and from the airport.

About the leaders


Ram Wiener, E-RYT 500, is a 200-hour Yoga teacher trainer and one of our foremost administrators and Yoga teachers at Yogaville. The vice president of Programs, he oversees workshops, teacher trainings, and the Ashram businesses. He is a native of Central America and is fluent in Spanish, French, Portuguese, and English. He has organized many successful tours in Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Italy.




Nathalie Rukmini Ando, RYT 500, teaches Yoga classes and serves as program development director and graphic designer at Yogaville. She is certified in Advanced Integral Yoga, Adaptive Yoga, Stress Management, and Yoga of Recovery. As a teacher, she’s known for her clear instruction and her classes include fun, level-appropriate challenges. A native of Brazil, she speaks Portuguese, Spanish, and English. She is also a fine artist, specializing in oil-on-canvas. See her artwork at www.Nathalie-Ando.pixels.com




Registration Inquiry: arc@yogaville.org

Teachers: ram@yogaville.org, programs@yogaville.org


Will Duprey & Lisa Benner – Fire of Purification
Mar 23 – Mar 30 all-day

Now you are ready to immerse yourself in the practice of yoga. This is one of two modules comprising Hathavidya’s 300hr teacher training: The Living Energy Immersion Program. This program manifested so that the modern student and teacher can integrate yogic philosophy where it counts — living fully!

Retreats impart a full immersion into a living yoga practice. The process works from within and is modeled after years of study accumulated by living with a teacher in a traditional manner. Simply — a retreat from your day-to-day and an immersion into yoga.

Here you will also interact with a broad spectrum of practitioners in an authentic community.

This enhanced curriculum for practitioners and teachers is a cultivated space full of invaluable tools on manipulations of physical and energetic systems — the power of yoga!

Please click HERE for more details.

Whether your goal is to teach yoga or authentically integrate your studies into the day to day, we are glad you’re here!

Hathavidya is an inclusive yogic science comprised of principles that purify, empower and uplift the spirit toward creating clarity and elevating the human experience.

What does all that mean?

Hathavidya makes traditional yoga accessible and applicable in the modern world.

By utilizing the in-depth development of various lineages within hatha and siddha, the focus is on knowledge and how the tools work for you.

Although there is a growing number of trainings in yoga communities, Hathavidya offers programs to communicate profound lessons, a larger knowledge base and a dedicated learning environment for you.

Certification is easy to come by; true knowledge shapes your life.


International yoga teacher, writer, storyteller, Will Duprey practices pranayama and meditation and is known for effortlessly combining classical theory with contemporary yoga methods.
With over 15 years of teaching and consulting on yoga teacher trainings globally, his unique mentorship program provides deep knowledge and balance among different styles of yoga. In addition to his own writing, Will has contributed to publications such as: teach.yoga, OmStars and has a regular column in YogaLife Magazine Malaysia. Will is the founder of Hathavidya yoga teacher training school and is currently penning a poetic translation on the Hatha Yoga Pradipika.


Website and e-mail.

Martha Whitney ~ Awaken Your Good Heart
Mar 24 – Mar 30 all-day

On the Shores of Lake Atitlan… Awaken Your Good Heart

Awaken Your Good Heart is for those who want to nurture their spirit. This all-inclusive, eight day journey includes twice daily yoga classes, morning meditations, hikes through vibrant villages, cultural and artistic activities, plenty of time for rest and exploration, and opportunities to share your joy, curiosity and love of life with local children. Slow to the world and reconnect to your wholehearted self in this transformative retreat.

  • Imagine being inspired by the beauty of the natural world with morning fresh-air pranayama and meditation.
  • Imagine spaciousness in your body, mind and heart with two daily yoga classes.
  • Imagine engagement and generosity as you participate in a rich service project and explore neighboring artistic communities.
  • Imagine rejuvenating with times of quiet and contemplation, play and connecting, restorative yoga and deep rest.

Villa Sumaya is the perfect sanctuary to support your practice and your spirit. Sink deeply into the beauty and tranquility of the retreat center with its bamboo forests, lush gardens, tropical flowers, and sweeping views of Lake Atitlan. In such a uniquely mindful setting, awareness sharpens, the body quiets, the mind clears, and space opens for delight and understanding to naturally unfold.

Yoga & Meditation

Our days will begin with morning meditation followed by a deeply nourishing, rejuvenating and integrative yoga practice. The flow of each afternoon class will be responsive to the day’s activities and will include pranayama, asanas, and meditation. Each session is lovingly planned to meet the needs of all participants; everyone from the beginner to the longtime practitioner is welcome!


One of our retreat days will be devoted to service. We’ll move our awareness into the community by meeting with leaders of a local organization, learning about their programs, and participating in projects that support their work. This day of active service is an opportunity to connect more deeply with those in the community and to honor the truly remarkable work that they do each day.


Ancient Maya traditions are alive in the highlands of Guatemala. We will participate in a powerful fire ceremony with a Mayan Day Keeper, visit with a woman who weaves traditional textiles, wander through an outdoor market, and tour a village where life-size murals depict scenes from daily life. We will also have the chance to explore the colonial city of Antigua and spend the afternoon visiting the handcraft markets and walking the cobblestone roads of this UNESCO World Heritage site.

Awaken Your Good Heart includes time that is intentionally unscheduled so that you can listen to your body, mind and heart and create the perfect week for yourself: take a dip in the Lake, stroll into town for some sightseeing, indulge in a spa treatment, go on a hike, rent a kayak, hang out in your hammock, read on your private patio, enjoy a smoothie or a cocktail by the pool, or sit on the dock and breathe in the tranquility and ease of Lake Atitlan.
Nourish yourself…experience the power and beauty of Lake Atitlan.

About the Group Leader

Retreat guide, Martha Whitney, has designed a week full of both depth and lightheartedness. Martha is known for offering a mindful, inspiring and welcoming yoga environment that fosters self-acceptance and embodied well-being. Her in-depth training in anatomy, movement and breath allows her to artfully guide postures that access body ease and aliveness. Her classes are skillfully designed to be accessible to a range of bodies and skill levels. Martha has been teaching yoga and offering body-mind therapy for over 25 years. She offers Yoga and Meditation retreats in Vermont and Quebec, inspiring joyful connection to our inner and outer landscapes.

To Find Out More

To find our more, please view the full retreat description or email explore@worldsoflighttravel.com

Green Lotus ~ Yoga Retreat
Mar 30 – Apr 6 all-day




Marion Crampe, Natasha Wang & Gaby Borrayo ~ The Lake Pole Camp
Apr 6 – Apr 13 all-day
Join us for an 8 day holiday of pole tricks and relaxation at the beautiful Lake Atitlán in Guatemala, where you not only are going to learn from world-class instructors but you can unplug and unwind in our lake-front-view eco-chic hotel.
The lush gardens and laid back luxury of our lake-front-view hotel provide the perfect backdrop to a week of pole tricks, stretching, sunshine and deliciously healthy food.
Instructors: Marion Crampe, Natasha Wang and Gaby Borrayo
Here’s what’s included in your Pole Retreat: (all packages)
• 8 days (7 nights) stay at a beautiful Eco Chic Retreat Hotel in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.
• 12 hours of workshops over 7 days with our amazing Instructors. 
• Morning energising stretch classes.
• Transportation from Antigua Guatemala to the place of the Pole Camp in Lake Atitlan and back.
• Plenty of free time to get to know the beautiful towns and people around the lake and to enjoy the hotel features.
• Full board: 3 daily delicious vegetarian meals (chicken and fish available for additional cost)
• Water, coffee and tea available all day. 
• 1 hour massage
• Welcome and Farewell dinner.
• On site studio with lake views and brand new X-Stages (1 student per pole)
• Small Classes maximum of 10 in each group. 
• Beginner, intermediate and advanced classes.
• Welcome bag and gift
• Daily housekeeping
You might also enjoy (optional):
•Take private classes with our instructors for more one-on-one attention.
•Why not take a professional photoshoot and show all your friends and followers your new pole skills.
  •                Guided tours to the local villages around lake Atitlan
  •                Because The Lake Pole Camp location is far from big cities it is difficult to get good internet connection, and when you do it can be expensive. The hotel offers wifi signal for an extra cost of $20 all week per person.
  •                Airport transfers to and from Antigua Guatemala
 What’s not included:
•Travel insurance
•Airport transfers to the meeting point in Antigua Guatemala (available at extra cost)
•Alcoholic Beverages.
•Lunch on arrival day or departure day (to be taken at local restaurants at additional cost)
•Breakfast on arrival day
•Lunch and dinner on departure day
Prices and packages information available at our website www.yourpolecamp.com
Instagram, facebook /  thelakepolecamp
One Yoga Global ~ Yoga retreat
Jun 22 all-day




Amberly Fox & Nerissa Sparkman ~ Yoga retreat
Jul 6 – Jul 13 all-day



Danielle Manning ~ Ra Yoga Retreat
Mar 7 – Mar 14 all-day