Retreating – Is It Important?

Charlie meditate Tara
As many people do when writing an article, I too went to the dictionary to look up a the focal word of my theme ~ retreat. The most common r ...

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A Hard Surface by Will Duprey

Will duprey AdhoMukhaVriksa
  When you arrive in Guatemala, the airport reminds me of the opening scene of "Love Actually" only everyone is barricaded outside and peo ...

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Gathering in Sacred Silence

Villa Sumaya Yoga Retreat Center
Precious and few are the moments we allow ourselves to fully embrace the power and simplicity of silence. Acquiescing to the age-old traditi ...

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Awaiting the Rains

Sunny, clear afternoons are beginning to give way to clouds quietly rolling in over the mountains, draping the lake in a hazy mist and signi ...

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