Upcoming Group Events

Abby & Skip ~ Yoga/Art/Culture

Join Abby and Skip for a week long immersion into the arts and culture of the local mayan people and villages around the beautiful lake Atitlan.

We begin each day in yoga with Abby, and end each day with gentle yoga and meditation with Skip.

Options to explore the offerings of the Villa, local nature, and lakeside villages.

We will enjoy 3 vegetarian gourmet meals each day, optional thai body sessions, and trips to lakeside villages for dyeing and weaving workshops with local mayan artisans.

Or simply rest and renew at the Villa with swimming in the pool or lake, hot tubs, and spa treatments.



Traditional Mayan Fire Ceremony

Morning and End of Day Yoga with Abby and Skip

Introductory Workshop to Thai Yoga Body Work for Family and Friends

Introduction to Drawing From Nature with Skip

3 Gourmet Vegetarian Meals each day with optional : Beer, Wine, Chicken and Fish

Locally produced Coffee, Teas and Chocolates

Optional Picnic Lunches for Excursions to Villages Around the Lake

Water Taxi’s to Indigenous Villages and Cultures with optional workshops in Traditional Mayan

Weaving, Textile Dyeing and Mayan Arts and Culture


Nature Hikes and Bird Watching

Kayaks, and SUP’s on the Lake

Optional Spa Treatments at the Villa

Hot Tub, and Sauna.

Luxury Suites, Room Accommodations.

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