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Aimee Hansen ~ Storyteller Within: Sacred Expression Women’s Retreat

Listed among top 5 recommendations for ‘Incredible Writing Retreats to Attend’ for three years in a row (2016, 2017, 2018). Join a women’s sacred circle for a creative inner journey in stoking your soul voice with meditation, yoga, and self-exploratory writing. Together we form an intimate circle for reflecting, releasing, and discovering. Created for all women who want to reveal their own truths, connect to their intuition, re-ignite their soul voice, feel empowered in their self-expression (whatever form it takes), and be inspired as the courageous storyteller of their own lives…this retreat is a gathering of women in the spirit of reclamation.

“For thousands of years, in tribes and villages around the world, women have come together in circles to share, to teach, to listen, to learn. The pulse of these women still beats within us. Their wisdom flows through time, whispering to us the song of female connection and beauty. We only need to stop long enough and put our ear to our heart to hear the call.” – HeatherAsh Amara

Glimpse of the Retreat

Find yourself in a magical, luxury setting on Lake Atitlan. Practice meditation and yoga as we look out over lake and volcanoes. Gather for raw, intimate expression with brave and beautiful women in sacred circle. Indulge in fresh, delicious meals. Relax in a hammock. Take a swim. Join candle-lit ceremony. Fall asleep to the lull of the lake beneath watch of the stars.

Retreat Intention

In a stunning location, you will step back and surround yourself with beauty and nature as we set out on a creative and transformative journey through meditation, yoga, and self-exploratory writing. With the space to breathe, stretch and relax, you will connect with your center and express from your core.

The Journey Into Sacred Expression Women’s Retreat is not about “writing” as an art form. We ourselves are the art form, and writing is our channel for vulnerability, insight and revelation. Every woman has a voice in her own life – we are gathering together to raise it up. The retreat invites you to explore and embrace your role as the storyteller of your life – encouraging you to open up the narratives you live through so you can step more fully into your self-expression.

Inspired in part by the four shamanic directions, you are invited to take an honest and creative journey to reclaim your inner voice and heart guidance. Each morning, we’ll spark our intentions with yoga, as we awake to exceptional beauty.
In our women’s circle, we raise inner journey themes and work through them with dynamic, reflective, and creative self-exploratory writing exercises. Together, we do much more than write. The circle provides a loving and encouraging space to free your inner voices, speak your experience, enliven your possibilities, and connect more deeply within and with each other. The alchemy is in the sharing.

You will also participate in afternoon/evening ceremonies with guest facilitators as we stoke our soul voices and connect with our energies – such as Sound Healing, Traditional Mayan Fire, Cacao Ceremony, and Movement or Dance.

The Journey Into Sacred Expression Women’s Retreat has been listed among top 5 recommendations for ‘Incredible Writing Retreats to Attend’ for three years in a row (2016, 2017, 2018) by The Write Life.

Sample Daily Flow

7:15-9:00 Meditation & Holistic Hatha Flow/Vinyasa Flow
9:00 Delicious Breakfast
10.15-1.00 Sacred Expression Writing Circle/Discussion
1:00-4.00 Delicious Lunch & Free Time
4:00-6.30 Sacred Expression Writing Circle/Discussion
6.30 – 7.30 Delicious Dinner
7.45 Sauna, Circle, Healing Ceremonies (some evenings)

Note: On two days, we’ll hold longer breaks (holding only one afternoon or evening writing circle) and offer optional group excursions – a visit to a local village or kayak/hiking adventure option.

The Facilitators

Aimee Hansen

Aimee Hansen has always had an irresistible attraction to words and metaphors as a way of playing, provoking, revealing, exploring, understanding, and connecting. Her intensive studies with an intuitive mentor who called her “the storyteller” and her own passion for human insight started her on an ever curious and unfolding journey into the nature of perception. Her work explores the power of the stories we tell within our lives and invites a creative and playful adventure in the yoga of perspective. She works as a freelance writer as well, and her passions include writing children stories and poetry.

She is inspired and humbled by witnessing how something raw and honest in the human spirit aches to open, when given the invitation. She created the Storyteller Within retreats to share in the experience of exploring our humanity and stepping together into our courage as women.




Heather Daya Rideout

Heather rubbed a genie’s lamp and went on a magic carpet-ride with yoga in 1999 when she set off for her first big backpacking journey to Nepal. The moment she landed in Kathmandu, she knew something inside of her had come home.  A graduate of over 600 hours with Asheville Yoga Center’s teacher training programs, her adventures with yoga and global travel have taken her to living abroad extensively since 2008. She has led classes, workshops and retreats in Nicarauga, Morocco, Bali, India, Guatemala, Malaysia and Thailand.  Heather’s teaching shares inspiration from the cultures of these magical places, places that constantly teach her how to most live yoga by being immersed in the energy of the current moment.Heather is dedicated to guiding others on a path of exploring full-spectrum yoga in ways that liberate them to move, breathe and live more from the heart.  Whether she is leading Vinyasa Flow, Yin or Restorative classes, Heather integrates a mix of creativity blended with a down-to-earth nature that invokes a soulful, breath-inspired journey suitable for all.  She is fascinated by the messages taught in yoga philosophy, storytelling and mythology, so these elements often enrich her offerings.  At the core, Heather wants to remind you of being curious, introspective, grateful, authentic and balanced…so you can take care of yourself and dive fully into this sometimes wild, crazy and amazing ride called Life.
Read more about Heather at www.wanderyoga.com

Words from Women Who Attended This Retreat in 2018:

My experience of this retreat was nothing short of magical. I shed toxic stories that held me captive for far too long. I rediscovered parts of myself that were buried somewhere within for indeterminate amounts of time, and even discovered aspects of myself that I never knew existed. I spoke truths that I previously never dared. I danced, stomped, howled at the moon, cried, felt alive in ways I didn’t know were possible, profoundly connected to myself and other beautiful women, and emerged with a light inside of myself that continues to shine brightly even a month after returning to “real” life. Aimee‘s own courage, passion, and unwavering honesty made the Storyteller Within journey possible for me. Aimee created a space that invited each individual woman to find her voice and let it echo loudly and proudly for all to hear, while also helping to weave a connection between the women in the group that made the experience truly meaningful. I am steeped in gratitude to her, and cannot recommend this retreat highly enough. (Ellen, August 2017)

There are some people who, within minutes of meeting them, you know that you will never forget. Aimee Hansen is this person. Her unique and uncanny ability to lead a retreat that shakes, breaks, and ultimately empowers women is some of the most beautiful talent I’ve ever been lucky enough to witness. She thinks of every detail, hangs on to every word, and makes every single woman feel seen. Over the course of one week, I filled an entire notebook with words, thoughts, emotions, trying to adequately capture the magic that occurred. I’ve never been so happy to say: I completely failed. Because this retreat isn’t something that can ever be regurgitated or described in a way that will do it justice. You will just have to take the leap & go. (Avani, January 2018)

Retreat Rate:

8 nights, 9 days including arrival & departure
Double Room, Mayan Rose House: $1,695
Private Room upgrade: $400
Private Suite upgrade:  $470
Early bird available from now until June 11th, 2018


– Daily guided meditation & yoga

– Two self-exploratory writing circles on most days

– 8 nights accommodation at Villa Sumaya (double or private)

– Delicious vegetarian breakfast, lunch & dinner

– Unlimited tea/coffee service

– 3+ sacred healing ceremonies (eg. Mayan, Sound, Dance)

– One group wood-burning sauna

– Use of solar spa pools

– Gratituities for the local indigenous staff

– All Taxes

Find Out More

To find out more about the Women’s Sacred Expression Retreats, please go to: The Storyteller Within or email aimee@thestorytellerwithin.com.