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Amy Raven & Alexis Ware ~ Embody the soul

We are of the belief that life isn’t just about work or play, growth or fun but a fluid continuum with the conscious creation of balance with an emphasis on wholeness, evolution, integration, and embodiment. We decided to combine forces and all of our superpowers to create Raven Retreats, “Embody the soul”.

Explore the Embodiment of the Soul through conscious application of dance, yoga, sound and energy healing to a personal and collective experience in a pristine setting to re-pattern and encode the cells of the body, the conscious/ subconscious mind. Ignite energetic and emotional bodies remembering lightness, fun, joy, and connection. With the exploration and acceptance of all the human emotions including the sum of all human experiences. We come together to laugh, cry, and play. Choosing to connect with ourselves, each other and the divine. Learning to get inside and traveling outside of our bodies. This will be no ordinary retreat. For the first time ever, we combine the power of ThetaHealing® to restructure the subconscious belief systems with that of sound and movement to clear blockages, release stagnation. Fully claim the beauty of who you really are!


About the leaders:

Amy Raven was first exposed to yoga at an early age when dragged to a Saturday 6 am class to be supportive of her mothers best friends new endeavor. At that time she wasn’t aware that this moment would shape her life in a deeply positive way. Growing up in California gave her many choices of yoga styles to practice, (so many limbs to the tree). In 2006 She completed her 200hr YA in Hatha yoga at All About Yoga with Kathleen Grace Santor, In this training, she discovered the true jewel of yoga was not just asana. She studied with Paul Grilley at the bodies exhibited. She curiosity lead her to workshops & yoga conferences to exploring her own personal practice. Amy Raven discovered her passion for pole dancing & aerial arts around the same time. Combining the passions she started teaching workshops that liberated women “The Dance of the Divine Goddess”. With the love of travel, she has taught and performed around the world. She has furthered her support to women by becoming a doula with Birthing from within and teaches prenatal yoga. Thirsty for more “Satya” or “truth” of this ancient practice called yoga she journeyed deep in the jungle of Bali to find her teacher Uma Idler. The School of Sacred Arts, where she added 300 hrs YA in Tantra, Hatha, and Ayurveda this gave her understanding of peoples needs with practice & nutrition. Meditation chanting & breath work gave her to a new level of connection. She realized healing her self would create ripple effects in her family and community. She discovered healing through sound from Guy Douglas. The experiences were so profound she invests in a set of gold quartz crystal sound bowl to share the healing vibrations in her our community. She studied at the Breath Center in Ojai, Ca with Micheal Brain Baker. She has studied meditation and massage at Esalen Institute, Thai yoga therapy in Ojai, She volunteers at Bhakti/ Shakti fest in the kitchen, performs aerial at transformational festivals, is a raw food chef, Acro yoga enthusiast, holds woman circles, teaches sacred sexual empowerment & tantra for couples. She loves the great outdoors! Her life’s mission is to radiate light from the heart to illuminate darkness within her self. “Let us be united in co-creation for the greater good of all. One must have the realization that there is no separation. SAT NAM! “


Alexis Ware, L.Ac., MSTCM, founder of Theta School of Magic (2010), is an energy expert and life strategist from Los Angeles, CA specializing in the art of energetic communication and the wake up of desire. A licensed acupuncturist with 10+years experience as a professional ThetaHealer®, Alexis is an authority on upgrading subconscious belief systems to bring clarity to desire and create the life of one’s dreams. Alexis has taught classes all over the United States: LA, New York, Chicago, Vermont, San Francisco and most recently in Istanbul, Turkey on the power of unconditional love and the effects of subconscious beliefs on health, happiness, and success. Alexis holds a Masters degree in acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine (PCOM San Diego, 2009), is a certified ThetaHealer® and ThetaHealing® instructor, Reiki Master and life coach with three years comprehensive training in Orgasm and coaching (OneTaste®), a passion for Human Design and a penchant for all things evolution. Alexis brings her 10+ years of experience as a ThetaHealer to guide you safely, with complete love, acceptance and zero judgment to the depths of your subconscious mind to face your fears, your doubts, your desires and your shadow. You will have the opportunity to release your subconscious and energetic blocks to clarifying, claiming and living your desires and allowing the joy, passion, money, love, sex, success and whatever else you truly and deeply want into your daily life experience. As aThetaHealer, she guides safely, with complete love, acceptance and zero judgment to the depths of the subconscious mind to face your fears, doubts, desires, and shadow. Given the opportunity to release subconscious and energetic blocks to clarifying, claiming and living desires and allowing the joy, passion, money, love, sex, success and whatever else truly and deeply one desires in daily life experience.

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