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Ignite Change: Find Inner Peace and Harmony in Guatemala / Daemond Mano & Jeri Tourand

January 20, 2024 - January 26, 2024

Discover your bliss, revitalize and get inspired for the next phase of your life at this 6 night and 7 day transformative retreat!

  • Is your soul calling you to take space to reset, rejuvenate and reconnect with yourself?
  • Are you ready to end the inner battle and connect with lasting peace and harmony?
  • Are you on a journey of self-discovery and looking to deepen and expand your spiritual and meditation practice to live a more inspired and meaningful life?

Your presence is needed to “ignite the change” and bridge the gap between Heaven and Earth for yourself, your family and the world.

You will be encircled by the natural beauty of Villa Sumaya at Lake Atitlan with breathtaking panoramic lakefront views and embraced by 3 majestic volcanoes!

Activations~Meditations~Excursions~Trilotherapy~Breathwork~Cacao + Fire Ceremonies ~ Ho’oponopono

RESET by taking a break from everyday life and gain clarity around your purpose and direction. Improve your mental, physical and emotional well-being.

FREE YOURSELF with a variety of transformational tools to help you learn to live more freely and unconditionally.

NOURISH YOURSELF with delicious, wholesome food, swims in the lake/pool, hot tub and sauna, breathwork, qi gong and meditation.

COMMUNE with NATURE to reconnect with yourself and allow the exotic plants and animals to teach you how to live a more balanced, unconditionally loving and cooperative/ co-creative life.

HEAL and RELEASE trapped emotions, old wounds and limiting beliefs. Rewire your mind’s conditioning to sync up with the vibration of your Soul.

CENTER YOURSELF in the truth of who you are through grounding practices, meditation, and mindfulness.

EXPAND energetically while you experience a new culture and activations of truth and love through sacred ceremonies.

AWAKEN and SEE life with FRESH EYES: New places and people awaken our senses, create new experiences and
memories, and change our perspective on life. How can we use this experience to see our own lives with “fresh eyes?”

CONNECT DEEPLY with who you really are and learn to truly “see” others.

TRUST yourself and know that you are guided as you hone your partnership with Divinity.

GAIN CLARITY & DIRECTION moving forward in your life with newfound ease and flow.

EXPLORE the Mayan culture, traditions, pristine lake and volcanoes, lush gardens, permaculture farm, SUP/Kayak + hike, and the enchanted forest.

EXPERIENCE the culture, history, healing arts and crafts in the Villages around Lake Atitlan.

COME HOME to yourself in Guatemala then return home with a clean slate ready to be filled with new experiences that excite you and are deeply aligned with who you are.


  • 3 wholesome and delicious vegetarian meals a day (chicken & fish extra) Note: The first meal included is dinner on arrival day. For arrivals before the 3:00pm check-in time, we require pre-ordering lunch for $15/person. The last meal included is breakfast on departure day. Packed lunches may be ordered for $10.00/person for departure day.
  • 8 days and 7 nights deluxe accommodation at the enchantingly beautiful Villa Sumaya af Lake Atitlan
  • Transportation to Villa Sumaya from Guatemala City will be provided leaving on March 15th at 1pm. If anyone needs to travel outside of this time, they can contact dae@yogamcc.com and he will connect them to the travel company we recommend.
  • Experiential sessions each day in the sacred temple/studio
  • Meditation, breathwork, trilotherapy, ho’oponopono, qi gong, dance, truth activations, celebrations and more
  • Unlimited coffee, tea and purified water
  • Breaks for swimming, hiking, spa treatments, kayaking & paddleboards
  • Breathtaking views, lush gardens, hikes, hammocks, and boutique on this luxurious property
  • Love, laughter, healing and support
  • Mayan Fire Ceremony: In traditional Mayan day-count fire ceremonies, beautiful offerings are created and consumed by the fire, invoking awareness and connection with all that is.
    The Maya remind us to dwell in the innocent heart of the child, prompting us to leave behind our busy minds and conditioned concept of self.
  • Cacao Ceremony: In the spirit of the ancient traditions, this sacred circle and celebration centers around the sharing of a cacao elixir, known as the “food of the Gods” to connect with your hearts. Be warned: your heart will expand beyond your imagination, leading to pure bliss, laughter, joy and allowing more of who you are to shine through.
  • Kayak & Hike: This trip is a perfect way to spend a day. You’ll begin from our dock and kayak to San Marcos (approximately 1 hour). Walk around the village and eat your packed lunch or dine at a local café. Either take a public boat back to our centre or embark on a moderately challenging, 3-hour guided hike back to Villa Sumaya.


  • Flight to Guatemala (GUA) from your hometown
  • Tipping to local guides and hotel staff ($7-10 per person per day)
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Chicken or Fish added to your meals

Exceptional Extras:

  • Full-service spa offering massage, facials, consultations, esoteric readings and more
  • Juice Bar with raw snacks, exotic smoothies and homemade Kombucha
  • Kayaks, paddle boards, sweat lodge
  • Pool, solar heated hot tub and wood burning sauna, lakefront fire pit
  • Fair Trade Boutique with custom designed Eco Sumayan crafts.

Daemond Mano

YogaMcc owner and integrationist since January 2019. Daemond grew up in Calgary, but he is a traveler by trade, having visited over 30 countries in his life. One of his favorite things to do is understand how other people live on this earth. Like most of us, he has often wondered why we are here. Daemond has sat with Monks in the Temples of South East Asia and has spent time with Aboriginals in Australia learning about Dreamtime. He has journeyed with Shamans in Central America and created concoctions with witch doctors in Africa. He has read and researched much in the vein of spirituality and science and connections between the two, a field called Epigenetics.

Daemond is also very passionate about building community and safe containers for seekers to grow into their highest vision of themselves. For him this all starts with a foundation of friendship. Daemond’s primary practices are Meditation and Breathwork. He is certified to teach Clarity Breathwork, Numa Breathwork, and has studied breathwork at the Omega Institute in New York. He is also certified to teach Active Meditations from Osho Humaniversity in Holland, Systemic & Family Constellations, and was given permission to teach the life’s work of Zen Master Nissim Amon, a modality called Trilotherapy, which includes Zen Buddhist meditation. He also enjoys integrating sound into his offerings and is certified by Jonathan Goldman in sound healing. He’s very passionate about sharing all these tools with the humans around him that feel called to explore the depths of who we are.

Jeri Tourand

Jeri is an Unlimited Love Coach, Best Selling Author, Speaker, Zen Trilotherapy Practitioner and Trainer. She is the founder and head facilator of “Living from Heart Center” helping people awaken to unconditional Love and authentic self-expression! Jeri’s mission is to assist people in awakening to deep truth and remembrance of the Divine Love that they are, inspiring them to live life to the fullest, and courageously express their highest potential and truest nature. She has gained massive clarity over the years and moved through huge obstacles to become who she is today; assisting to awaken others with the truths that have transformed her. Jeri is able to coach people to work through their fears, open their hearts, bring clarity and awareness to their lives, and assist people in creating the life they dream about. Through life changing teachings and awakening experiences, Jeri’s clients often have a true spiritual awakening and gain the tools they need to live a happy, fulfilling life. You are the one you’ve been waiting for. Working with Jeri, you can come to a place of inner peace and true happiness, thus leading the change for a better future for ourselves and our children…one of unity, peace and love. The time…is NOW.


Check out this video for testimonials from the 2024 Guatemala Retreat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bB274JxIDoY

Jeri and Daemond are lovely and loving teachers that kindly guided us during very intensive processes with such peace and compassion. I respect their experience and knowledge and was honoured to learn from them and also have fun with them! I would recommend this retreat to others. My experience in Panama with Jeri and Daemond was transformative. I returned cleansed, calm, and smiling, feeling informed about myself and full of love. ~ Stella A.

I got and overall feeling of groundedness that I took home with me and I continue to cultivate through the practice of qi gong, mediation, self-love, forgiveness of self, and others. I have the upmost respect for Jeri and Daemond. Absolutely, I would recommend this retreat to others. It helped me unblock some deep seated traumas. ~Tony R.

“My time at Villa Sumaya retreat has been truly remarkable, leaving an indelible mark on me. Throughout the retreat, I have undergone a profound journey of self-discovery, peeling away layers to uncover my authentic self. With each session, I gained deeper insights into my emotions, unearthed and healed past traumas, and ultimately connected with my true essence. The unwavering love and support from Dae, Jeri, and the entire group were essential in my transformative journey. Their genuine care and encouragement guided me every step of the way. I’ll forever cherish the love-filled atmosphere and the profound experiences I encountered at this extraordinary retreat, set against the breathtaking backdrop of Lake Atitlán, which truly stands as one of the world’s most enchanting destinations.”

– K, Guatemala Retreat Participant

When I first heard about the retreat I was curious about attending but also apprehensive. Jeri and Daemond were encouraging and really made enormous efforts to answer all my questions and guide my thinking and confidence to attend. Villa Sumaya was a beautiful location in every way. The location was serene and peaceful, the food was deliciously prepared, all the spaces in the centre held a special ambiance that was calming and peaceful. As a result of this beautiful facility the entire group was immediately relaxed and immersed in the sessions so thoughtfully facilitated by Jeri and Daemond throughout the entire week. Each session brought a different perspective on self-discovery and exploration into living a more loving and meaningful life. Everyone in the group developed close, respectful and loving relationships with one another. The fire, sweat lodge and cacao ceremonies brought a sacred connection to the culture of Guatemala. I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone that is looking to put a pause in their life and find a new pathway to living a more balanced and connected life with themselves and those they love and cherish. – Evonne Black

INVESTMENT in yourself:

Space is limited and we do expect to sell out.

$500 deposit can reserve your spot.


Payment Plans available – please inquire

Contact us to REGISTER or for more information: Livingfromheartcenter@gmail.com

TRIP PLANNER will be e-mailed to you following registration with details to assist you with packing and preparation.


January 20, 2024
January 26, 2024
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