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Inner Alchemy: Shamanic and Biohacking Retreat / Cesar, Stacey & Elise

March 22, 2025 - March 29, 2025

Transform your mind, body, and soul by stepping out of your routine and into a beautiful and calm environment that empowers you to grow and to heal. You will learn how to optimize your health for longevity and unlock your full potential, and you will quench your thirst for more out of this life.

Cesar Lara – I am fortunate to have been born in Guatemala, with 49% of my ancestral genetic lineage being Mayan. Growing up in Guatemala City, I cherished childhood memories of praying to one day help those who were sick and in need. Fast forward to today: I grew up in Chicago and have become a successful physician, caring for thousands of patients with various western illnesses. My journey has led me to embrace functional medicine, appreciating that while the western model is effective at alleviating symptoms, it often falls short in addressing the root causes of ailments or achieving true healing. Blessed with the opportunity to return to my roots, I now collaborate with Mayan Lightworkers to offer an awakening and healing experience for those seeking to heal their body, mind, and spirit. Together, we integrate the wisdom of ancient Mayan and Incan perspectives in one of the most beautiful, energetically charged, and serene places on Earth.



Stacey Nelson -An international yoga, meditation, and embodiment teacher, who has spent more than half her life studying and immersing into ancient wisdom traditions and cultures. Her journey is woven intricately with the threads of magic, culture, and deep connection to Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Serendipitous and synchronistic encounters with the mention of Lake Atitlan showed up consistently for Stacey time and again, until she and her husband could no longer resist its call in 2020. What began as a visit, turned into calling Guatemala home. Nestled in the embrace of the volcanoes and forests, the mystical Lake Atitlan holds a special place in Stacey’s heart. It is here that she finds inspiration, transformation, and solace. Stacey draws upon the profound energy of the lake and land, as well as the vibrant culture, to deepen her own practices, and to transmit that potency to others through holding space and supporting them along their journey of transformation and awakening. With a wealth of experience guiding and teaching thousands of people all over the world, Stacey finds Guatemala to be an idealistic place to discover and experience impactful shifts within themselves ~ a journey marked by healing, growth, and a sense of connection to the world around them. Through merging holistic practices, soul-alchemizing ceremonies, and the sacred energy of Lake Atitlan, it creates opportunities for others to explore the depths of their being, release what no longer serves them, and embrace their true essence. Step into the realm of possibility and immerse into the magic of Guatemala with Stacey Nelson as one of your guides, and let the beauty of the land and culture awaken you.



Elise Free creates bespoke experiences incorporating modern biohacking technology with ancient energy modalities. Her retreats take place in architecture masterpiece homes around the nation. She also creates these experiences in locations around the world allowing your travel tour to become more than just a vacation. Raising consciousness and life quality of seekers and entrepreneurs. Elise is a Certified Facilitator for the Energy Codes by Dr. Sue Morter, A Miracle Minded Coach taught by Marianne Williamson and a Certified Deliberate Cold Exposure Guide, The Morozko Method.


March 22, 2025
March 29, 2025
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