Inspiring Space for Groups

Inspiring Space for Groups

Hold a group retreat or training in the Mayan Highlands and experience our breathtaking studios.

At Villa Sumaya, we’ve created a sacred and inspiring atmosphere that offers a space to sink in, relax and reconnect with the freedom of inner peace. Whether you will be practicing yoga, meditation, writing, creativity or movement, our center has the nourishing setting and necessary equipment to support your program.

Our spacious group rooms are designed to accommodate and encourage dynamic gatherings. Simple, eclectic décor with panoramic views, hardwood floors, thatched roofs and elegant altar spaces set the tone for deepening practices. Both temples are equipped with yoga props, meditation cushions, bolsters, straps, blocks, blankets, and sound systems. A small props closet and two bathrooms complete the functionality of these sacred sanctuaries.

Blue Tiger Temple

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Meditation in TigerOur lakefront studio (1,150 sq ft), Blue Tiger Temple, accommodates up to 40 people for yoga or more for meditation, dance, writing, shamanic journeys, art retreats and non-profit or executive team-building workshops. Dedicated to group practice since 2004, this studio has hosted hundreds of groups, ranging from yoga retreats and ceremonial journeys to art workshops and professional trainings. Blue Tiger echoes our intention to cultivate an invigorating environment to support the flourishing of a variety of group and individual practices.

Tara Temple

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Tara Temple (650 sq ft) accommodates up to 18 for yoga or more for meditative arts or body movement practices. Situated on the top floor of Lotus House, Tara Temple offers a stunning 180 degree panoramic view of the gorgeous skyline. Sunrises and sunsets are exceptionally stunning. Tara Temple is the site of our annual Advanced Yoga Teacher Training, New Year’s Bhakti Fest and house-sponsored two-week silent meditation retreats. This nurturing sanctuary space provides an inspiring field for deepening practice.

A Place for Meetings and Workshops

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Both multipurpose studios may be used by individuals and groups with a variety of interests. We provide low chairs and white boards, ideal for writing groups as well as long tables and chairs for business or art oriented groups. Additionally, we can provide accomplished yoga, meditation or breath-work coaches to further enhance your program.

A wide variety of organizations have enjoyed our quiet setting as a platform for strengthening their work together. We offer all-inclusive buffet meals in our lakefront dining room, as well as snacks and beverages delivered to your group room during break-times. Spa services further add a personal touch, leaving your participants and their partners grounded, clear and highly productive.

Our exotic location offers team building, individual empowerment and an executive get away that will prove to be an unforgettable excursion of a lifetime! Cultural tours and adventurous outings can supplement your agenda, meeting all the needs of your company’s vision.

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