Villa Sumaya
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  • Lotus House Group Rate Triple – $805.00

Root Down Rise Up / Catherine Kennedy and Jeannette Mueller

February 29 - March 7, 2020

Root Down, Rise Up was created by Catherine and Jeannette with the intention of holding a safe space for guests to open up their hearts and see what rises. As humans, we can easily slip into a routine that is comfortable, but doesn’t truly serve us. Our goal is to help you peel away layers of doubt and insecurity that have built up over the years, re-align with the true essence of your being, and cultivate new habits to carry home with you. Traveling to a different country, exploring deeper parts of yourself, and connecting with beautiful strangers can be nerve-wracking, but only from the edge of your comfort zone can the view of infinite possibilities be seen.

The body is an extension of this planet, and connecting with all of the elements plays a vital role in our well-being. Ground down into your body and find stability in the earth through  immersion in nature, daily yoga, and nourishing food. Learn to gracefully release emotional blocks and flow like water through love. Tapping into the air element, the breath, you’ll begin to re-write the story you’ve created in your mind that has hindered you from sharing your purest gifts with the world. We will begin to communicate openly and honestly in a supported space. The deeper relationship you build with yourself, the deeper relationships you can form with others. With the fire element, you’ll transform, express, and tap into the passion that life imbues in your soul. As we combine these elements, we tap into an intuitive space, empowered by the environment, to integrate our unique selves into the world.

IMG_8648Invest in yourself so that you can discover the confidence of creating a rippling effect as a conscious change maker in your family, community and a more nourishing world. Join us in this transformational week if you’re ready to tune into what you truly want to create in this life, uncover limiting beliefs and blocks that hold you back from being your most authentic self, loosen up, LAUGH, create new connections, explore a different culture, learn how to fuel your body in a way that is nourishing for your body, and step back into presence.

Catherine Kennedy received her training through a Yoga Alliance-certified program in New York City. In this city of constant hustle and bustle, yoga helped her discover that her breath is the connective line to the present moment, which played a powerful role in helping her discover her innate bliss and power. Through yoga & meditation and mindfulness in food, Catherine’s passion for helping people feel at home inside their own bodies developed. She most recently launched her brand Inner Is Outer, which is based on her motto: Your ability to feel and see beauty comes from within.

Jeannette Mueller is an Embodied Nutrition Consultant integrating mind-body nutrition, herbal medicine, psychological astrology, neuroscience and ecological therapy to help others find a way to best live in accordance with their own unique mind-body constitution. She is a graduate of The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, The School of Evolutionary Medicine, Permaculture Design Certified and has trained with traditional healers around the world. Through trials and tribulations, through sharing and community, she learned that healing is ultimately about re-aligning with our core authentic nature and embracing the playfulness of life. When we tap into our power we become our own healers, and because we are not separate from our environment, self-healing leads to a healthy vibrant Earth and communities. Jeannette’s mission is to help others find a way to live in accordance with nature and their own unique mind-body constitution. Through Embodied Nutrition she integrates the wisdom of plants, astrology, neuroscience and modern wellness principles to guide others to transform their health.

During scheduled afternoon free time, guests are invited to relish the hot tubs, nap in a hammock, relax into a spa treatment, dip in the lake or the pool, detox in the sauna, and/or enjoy the majestic views of the lake.

We would be elated for you to step back into presence, and discover and share some of your passions with us!