Hailing from the east coast of England, Mark Elmy started studying the Mayan Calendar in 1998. His first unofficial fire ceremony was held in Merlin’s Cave, beneath Tintagel Castle in Cornwall UK, in August, 2000. In a tidal cave, surrounded by earth and water, Mark lit the fire and the wind arrived, making the fire burn like a blowtorch. He had found his path. Mark continued to perform impromptu ceremonies on occasion. In February, 2010, Mark met his teacher, Don Rigoberto Itzep. After several years of working with him, Mark began his official training and initiation as Aj Q’ij. Mark has been giving Mayan Astrology readings since 2011 and teaching Mayan Astrology since 2012. He now has over two decades of experience with and passion for the Mayan cosmovision and sacred fire.