As a retreat facilitator and yogi, Krystalyn does so much more than facilitate. With more than 10 years of coaching and yoga teacher teaching experience, she dives deep into explorations and discovery with her clients and students. She holds space for co-creating new ways of effective change and transformation, shares passion with anyone who has the interest and devotion for living their life to the fullest and shows up for self and others in a deep way. Krystalyn also supports students and clients as a meditation teacher, ceremony leader, artist and sometimes comedic relief.

Krystalyn, ERYT 500hr, facilitates yoga retreats and trainings around the world and online. She holds two life coaching certifications based on sattvic and esoteric principals and has passionately investigated postural alignment, body mechanics, yoga therapeutics and internal martial arts for well over a decade in a search to uncover her own body’s unwinding process. The roots of her journey begun with a search for more holistic solutions to the suffering of physical and mental pain, which we all seem to experience at some point in our lives. Krystalyn continues to consciously ask questions that lead to better questions which dig to the roots of the matter. Focusing on health and wellness as the foundation to supportive practice, Krystalyn encourages and coaches so that beings may better understand and integrate their life goals and create space in their heart, the indestructible part of themselves.

Krystalyn is also a master henna artist having adorned thousands of bodies far and wide. Growing from organic foundations, She maintains a thriving henna and up-cycled art business with thousands of aesthetic pieces shared internationally. Simultaneously following her inspiration, Krystalyn leads retreats that provide space for creativity and investigation in sweet places around the globe.



Krystalyn’s endless knowledge and ability to communicate. She answered all questions and in the rare case she was unsure of how to properly answer she took time to research and get back to us quickly.

She is poised and full of grace. A true expert on the subject who, it was obvious, took time and care to prepare the materials and prepare to present. She doesn’t uptalk (which can be very hard to follow online) and speaks slowly and clearly- I would listen to her as a podcast! she allows ample space for questions and reflections. she asks the right engaging questions and makes her materials engaging as well. she is truly a pro at pacing- 5 hours seemed to fly by, and yet no time was wasted- she really packed in a lot of valuable information!

Krystalyn is VERY knowledgeable, and it is very clear that she is serving all people. She is very supportive, and she really shows up for her students. She is authentic, easy to connect with, making it easy to learn from.

Integrating our life experiences, explanations, involving the whole group and keeping it “hands on” or experiential in that way. Great listening and spaceholding, overall energy so warm and welcoming. Very knowledgeable and calm and collected teacher.