Deva Nirguna

Bringing over 35 years of study with Osho, Margot Anand Sky Dancing Tantra, Ralph Metzner medicine shamanic arts, Deva Nirguna is a master astrologer and tarot reader, medicine and meditation guide, Sky Dancing tantra coach, BTTY addiction coach and certified massage therapist. Nirguna has worked as a therapist at Villa Sumaya for more than 15 years and is a practicing architect and exhibiting artist.

Events with Deva Nirguna

Discovering Your Astrological Gifts
Package Dates

For individualsĀ (See small group retreat option) Deva Nirguna has over three decades of experience and…

Astrological Insight for Sacred and Joyful Relationships
Package Dates

Compatibility and strategies for flow for groups of 2-4 participantsĀ (see Individual offering here) This retreat…