Jennifer Martin

Jennifer Martin has been a practitioner for over 32 years of Reiki, Swedish,  Thai, reflexology acupressure and auricular therapies/massage. She has had many students and taught all of these techniques. Now she practices exclusively Reiki. She found that the primary healing begins in the energy body and finds its way to the source of disease or disturbance and knows how to heal these things. She loves Reiki the most for its ability to thin the layers which cause us to feel separate from our higher selves, our deepest truths and longings, and from one another and our planet. Reiki reminds us of the unlimited possibilities of this gift of life and that spirit is ever-present.

Covid Safety: I have been fully vaccinated. I wear a mask at all times when in public. I know the guest will have been recently tested, so I feel safe being mask-free during the training; however, I will leave my mask on if the guest prefers. I practice social distancing when I am out and do not go out into crowds or gatherings.

Events with Jennifer Martin

Reiki Training: Evolution of Consciousness
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One level per week-long course  – Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki Master Level Available…

reiki Reiki Training: Evolution of Consciousness (Level I) / Jennifer Martin
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One-on-one or small groups of 2-4 participants  The meaning of the word Reiki is spiritual…