Traveling to the distant Mayan stronghold of Lake Atitlán is a pilgrimage into the center of our own hearts. It may be the most courageous and rewarding thing you will ever do for yourself!

Yoga at Villa Sumaya Lake Atitlan

Villa Sumaya invites you to nurture your whole being with the sacred gift of personal retreat. The days you spend with us in quiet, contemplative exploration and holistic healing will reward you many times over, rejuvenating your body, mind and spirit.

Villa Sumaya is the perfect destination for teachers, seekers and others desiring to deepen their own practice. Discover new wellness strategies, explore ancient wisdom techniques, and strengthen your inner and outer connection. Our tranquil retreat center is designed to support your personal journey as you allow profound self-care, awareness and awakening knowledge to blossom into sustained inner peace.

Our personal retreat packages, co-created by you and our retreat coordinator, include lodging, one-to-three vegetarian meals daily and any combination of spa services and activities, including:

  •  guided, customized spiritual practices
  •  various modalities of massage and bodywork
  •  nutritional cleansing
  •  Spanish lessons
  • Mayan fire ceremony
  •  cultural tours, hikes and boating activities.

During our high season (November to April), we host a steady stream of transformational personal and group retreats.The dynamic season will provide a powerful and communally-energizing environment. For maximum solitude and silence, we recommend you visit during our green season (May/June and Sept/Oct) when we have fewer guests and visiting groups. Prices vary according to season.

(Please note: if your personal retreat coincides with a group, buffet meals will be served at designated times.)

Contact our personal retreat coordinator to discuss details. Ask about quotes for longer or shorter stays and additional spa treatments or activities.


Personal Wellness Retreats

Intensive Personal Training Package with Robert


Are you looking for a unique experience to expand your practice and explore a small corner of paradise? Our senior healer, Robert, will inspire you to deepen your practice and support and challenge you to move into the next level of your life path.

Through body mechanics, breath work, meditation and life-­force awareness, you will re­connect with your vital essence, leading to greater dynamic presence and well being. Robert is a master at helping his clients let go of life’s 'ten thousand things' and instead surrender to the profound beauty of inner silence and peace.

Available until March 21, 2016

  • 7 nights accommodation
  • Daily vegetarian breakfast and dinner (you may add smoothies and lunch)
  • 24-hour self-service, unlimited organic teas, local organic coffee, purified water
  • 5 one-and-a-half-hour personalized bodywork sessions with a master body worker
  • 5 private movement sessions; your choice of Qi-gong, breath work or hiking

Singles: $1595 / Doubles: $1200 each

22% taxes included

About Robertrobertb

Robert has devoted more than 30 years to the study, practice and mastery of inner disciplines. He brings advanced degrees in aikido, Tai Chi, pranayama, and meditation to the work he loves most: integral holotropic breath work, bodywork and massage.

Personal Transformation Package with Krystalyn

Available until February 25 and From April 1 to 15, 2016Charlie Badakasana 3

5 nights accommodation
Daily vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner
24/7 self-service unlimited organic teas, local organic coffee, purified water
3 private yoga lessons (your choice of restorative/gentle to challenging yoga)
2 hours of other services (choose from life coaching, cacao ceremony, healing facials or massage)
22% taxes included

Singles $978 / Doubles $698 each

About KrystalynKrystalyn - Cacao Ceremony Villa Sumaya

Krystalyn specializes in personalized, holistic retreats. She will facilitate your vision of a customized program that can include body movement and realignment, personal wellness coaching, raw food facials and body work, as well as cacao journeys and fine henna body art. Krystalyn holds yoga teacher and life-coaching certifications and has trained in postural alignment, yoga therapeutics and internal martial arts. She continues to broaden her coaching practice in money and sacred sexuality. Krystalyn is a master henna artist, having adorned thousands of bodies with her magical touch.

Special Ayurvedic Packages with Eran

The ancient, holistic Indian practice of Ayurveda perceives of the individual as a part of the entire cosmos, comprised of space, air, fire, water, and earth. Our experienced Ayurvedic counselor and massage therapist will deepen your understanding of Ayurveda, offer personal consultations and work his magic during one or more hands-on sessions.

AYURVEDAGanesh Package

  • 5 nights accommodation
  • 3 vegetarian meals with emphasis on Ayurvedic diet (as desired*)
  • 2 one-and-a-half hour Ayurvedic consultations
  • 3 meditation sessions
  • 3 dosha-balancing yoga classes
  • 1 one-and-a-half hour Ayurvedic warm-oil massage
  • 24-hour self-service unlimited organic teas and purified water

Singles $1554 / Doubles $1115 each (22% taxes included)

Lakshmi Deluxe Package

  • 7 nights accommodation
  • 3 vegetarian meals with emphasis on Ayurvedic diet (as desired*)
  • 2 one-and-a-half hour Ayurvedic consultations
  • 5 meditation sessions
  • 5 dosha-balancing yoga classes
  • 5 one-and-a-half hour Ayurvedic warm-oil massages

Optional deep-cleansing, healing procedures may be added to the Ayurvedic packages by request, at additional cost.

* Please inform us if you'd prefer Ayurvedic meals or our standard vegetarian meals.

Singles $2237 / Doubles $1592 each (22% taxes included)

 eranAbout Eran

Eran was certified as an Ayurvedic practitioner by the International Ayurveda Association and Tel-Aviv University. He gained practical experience working with Dr. Emanuel Joy in Pondicherry, India, prior to continued years of training, and practice in India, Australia and Israel. Eran’s approach is holistic and integral; his personalized consultations with you will provide recommendations for a sustained, healthy lifestyle, diet, exercise, medicinal herbs and cleansing treatments.

Contact our personal retreat coordinator.
Together we can craft the vacation of your dreams!

Guest enjoying a personal retreat in hot tub