Villa Sumaya

Personal Retreats

Traveling to the Mayan stronghold of Lake Atitlán is a pilgrimage into your heart center. It may be the most rewarding thing you will ever do for yourself!
Villa Sumaya invites you to nurture yourself with the sacred gift of personal retreat. 
We host a steady stream of personal and group retreats which provide a powerful and communally-energizing environment. 
For maximum solitude and silence, come during our green season (May to October), when we tend to have fewer guests and groups. Prices vary according to season.

Contact us to discuss dates and details!

5* Star Retreats

Invest in a week dedicated to you! With wholesome food and endless lakefront volcano views, it’s a refreshing way to re-energize and realign your life’s path. These offerings are available year-round; please contact us with your requested dates!

Gain valuable insights into mindfulness practices and common stumbling blocks to inspire and ignite your home practice. This is an opportunity to cultivate genuine peace and presence. Learn more.

Learn to bring natural balance into your life through yogic principles, movement, ceremony, and vibrational healing with crystals. Learn more.

Unpack the astrological implications of your chart with special emphasis on mutual understanding to improve relations to those you love.  Learn more.

Reiki is a hands-on healing technique that amplifies the expression of spirit in action. It helps us create greater equilibrium, guiding us to clarity while reminding us of our soul’s purpose. Learn more.

Writing Down the Chakras

Experience the seven chakras through the embodied practices of yoga and writing. Discover tools and techniques to heal, balance and align each chakra energy center. Learn more.