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Lotus Suite 8

Size Bed Types Rates
Room: 290 ft² Queen Bed Single $135
Patio: 450 ft² & Twin Bed Double $165

Nestled in the trees, this is a lovely room decorated in soothing shades of blue and purple. Make yourself at home in this cozy suite, conveniently located just above our solar hot tub and electric sauna.

  • Accommodates 1-2 people or a couple with a child
  • Fixed bed configuration: Queen bed
  • Twin bed in separate sitting room separated by a sliding wooden door
  • Large patio with handcrafted hammock
  • Splendid lake views
  • 50 Stairs above main courtyard

Ginger Suite 17

SizeBed TypesRates
Room: 413 ft²Queen BedSingle $205
Patio: 126 ft²& Twin BedDouble $235

This deluxe, glamorous suite is a favorite of many of our returning guests and group leaders. Ideal for romantic getaways or extra-special personal retreats.

  • Accommodates 1-3
  • Queen bed and twin bed
  • Spacious, modern bathroom
  • Stone fireplace
  • Large patio with colorful seating and handcrafted hammock
  • Dramatic panoramic views of the lake and volcanoes
  • Antique woodwork and doors
  • Custom designed stone nichos
  • 40 Stairs above main courtyard

Lotus Suite 18

SizeBed TypesRates
Room: 249 ft²Queen BedSingle $185
Patio: 58 ft² Double $210

This posh junior suite is perched above suite 17 and adjacent to suite 19. Ideal for solo travelers or couples on personal retreat, it is one of our most economical Ginger Suite options.

  • Accommodates 1-2
  • Fixed bed configuration: Queen bed
  • Antique woodwork
  • Modern stylized marble bathroom
  • Patio with panoramic views
  • Charming window seat
  • 50 Stairs above main courtyard

Ginger Suite 19

SizeBed TypesRates
Room: 465 ft²King BedSingle $205
Patio: 100 ft² Double $235

This gorgeous suite serves as the ultimate honeymoon hideout or self-care haven. Ideal for an unforgettable personal retreat getaway.

  • Accommodates 1-2
  • Fixed bed configuration: King bed
  • Antique, hand-carved doors and furniture
  • Comfortable velvet seating area
  • Pristine white marble bathroom
  • Spacious lake view balcony with seating
  • Spectacular, panoramic views from room and balcony
  • 70 Stairs above main courtyard

Ginger Suite 21

SizeBed TypesRates
Room: 850 ft²Queen BedSingle $250
Patio: 270 ft²& 2 Twin BedsDouble $280
  Triple $310

Located near the top of our property, this elegant studio is the crown jewel of our collection. Ideal as a secluded romantic getaway or a shared space for a small group of friends.  

  • Accommodates 1-4
  • Fixed bed configuration: Queen bed with antique carved headboard
  • Two twin beds
  • Fine art
  • Overhead fan
  • Glorious, 180-degree view of the lake
  • Modern, spacious bathroom
  • Wraparound patio with seating for 3
  • Hammock overlooking the exquisite gardens
  • 85 Stairs above main courtyard (not recommended for guests with mobility issues or children)

Ginger Suite 22

SizeBed TypesRates
Room: 934 ft²King BedSingle $250
Patio: 325 ft² Double $280

This gorgeous, spacious suite is the ground floor of a two-story house in the heart of our center. Ideal as a deluxe honeymoon suite or for a lush personal retreat.

  • Accommodates 1-2
  • Fixed bed configuration: King bed with an antique carved headboard
  • Beautiful paintings by local artisans
  • Fireplace with cozy seating area
  • Panoramic bay windows with seating area
  • Large writing desk
  • Kitchenette with bar
  • Dining room area
  • Private patio with a handmade hammock
  • 50 Stairs above main courtyard

Ginger Suite 23

SizeBed TypesRates
Room: 375 ft²King BedSingle $210
Patio: 240 ft² Double $235

This warm and welcoming deluxe suite is located on the second floor of a two-story house in the heart of our center. A lovely space ideal for solo travelers or couples.

  • Accommodates 1-2
  • Fixed bed configuration: King bed
  • Stone fireplace
  • Outstanding view
  • Elegant bathroom with deep soaking tub and outdoor shower
  • Cozy reading nook
  • Spacious patio with seating for two
  • 65 Stairs above main courtyard