Mayan Fire Ceremony

In traditional Mayan day-count fire ceremonies, beautiful offerings are created and consumed by the fire, invoking awareness and connection with all that is. The Maya remind us to dwell in the innocent heart of the child, prompting us to leave behind our busy minds and conditioned concept of self.

Cacao Ceremony

In the spirit of the ancient traditions, this sacred circle and celebration centers around the sharing of a cacao elixir, known as the “food of the Gods.”

Traditional Sweat Lodge Ceremony

Traditional purification ceremony offers ritualized practices and connection with Great Spirit. Songs to open the heart and specially prepared herbal teas help clear and lift the emotional body.

Shamanic Sound Healing Ceremony

Experience a profusion of vibrational sound waves that will help release stored tension and emotional baggage while balancing the emotional body. Allow the harmonic intelligence and the power of shamanic healing to sweep away all that no longer serves.