Mayan Cosmovision

The Mayan Cosmovision represents the world view in which our interdependence with all of nature is explained through the wisdom of the Mayan calendar and the cycles of the sacred day count. In this richly unique Mayan system, great mysteries are revealed and recounted to those aligned and willing to do the work. Our intention in opening this portal is to honor a promise to our Mayan elders while providing a modern pathway that guides one towards the wisdom of the Heart. Integral to our focus is gratitude, awareness of the natural kingdom and reverence for all that resides beyond the veil.

“They came together and held council in the darkness and in the night, then they searched and discussed, and here they reflected and thought. In this way their decisions came out in clear light.”
— Popol Vuh

Sacred Fire Ceremony

A Mayan spiritual guide will share a traditional Mayan Day Count Fire Ceremony. This ritual includes foundational teachings about the Mayan calendar day count and the co-creation of the sacred fire.

This ceremony is designed for groups of 8 or more. Contact us for details and pricing.

Mayan Astrology Reading

If you are interested in learning more about your nawal and the strengths and challenges it brings to your life, Mark is available to make a detailed analysis in a 90-minute session.

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7-night Mayan Cosmovision Retreat

Mark Elmy has been leading this course for many years and we are thrilled to begin offering it at Villa Sumaya. Over the course of a week, guests will dive deeply into K’iche’ based Mayan astrology. In addition to full room and board, this program includes approximately 20 hours of small group instruction and a personalized astrology reading.

See dates, details, and online booking below:
June 2020
October 2020